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    Good office / movie build

    Did you have a certain budget for the vid card?
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    Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 Lion Hackintosh Problem

    So you are on the Lion install with UEFI bios? I'm wondering because I wanted to do the same to mine but wasn't sure Lion worked well with UEFI bios and Lion and the Z68X mobo, which I have. I want to try this out later today if so!!!! Congrats!! Now to see if I can get the gtx 670 working in...
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    Upgrading CPU to an Ivy Bridge (HELP!)

    Did you update or check to make sure the Bios on the mobo is going to be compatible with your new cpu? I'm not sure but you may want to see what else might be needed via Multibeast to use it....i.e..the ivy support kext in there. I forget which one it is off hand but it's probably the one in the...
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    Can't boot Mountain Lion: Apple logo + wheel spinning forever

    Did you try the other boot flags already like the graphicsenabler ones? Or DSDT=null to make sure it's not a DSDT issue.
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    Success! Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3 Mountain Lion Install!

    So far when I input an USB cable in my usb3.0 port it works but I don't have any USB3.0 devices to try. I have the regular F9 bios but will try this UEFI bios so I can get my audio working. It will briefly show the audio icon on top menu bar then it will gray out. Not sure how to get it back...
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    UEFI GA-Z68XP-UD4 Problem

    Booting with flags generally means if you're using Chimera hit the space bar to interrupt the loading of the default drive and then you can type -v -f, etc. If those commands work, you can try editing the chameleon.boot.plist iirc and edit in those commands like: UseKernelCache=Yes, etc.
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    Delete Extra Folder and Kexts for New Install?

    Let me know how it comes out because I want to delete my Extra folder to try to reinstall my sound drivers, etc. I have no audio with my ML install and with Lion it was fine. Also I have internet issues and I think I might have to reinstall the drivers again for that. If I am able to just delete...
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    Unibeast + Mountain lion : Black screen problem

    What type of connection are you guys using? DVI? or HDMI?
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    Mountain Lion can only boot with -x, and reboot from -x

    I can only get my ML install going sometimes by doing two boots. Sometimes it will only work the first time as well, but mostly I have to get a boot via -v. I'm not sure the reason why. I'm in the same boat as you. My Lion was working ok but my SL was pretty much golden. ML is giving me issues...
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    Freezing on White Screen after Multibeast - ML - GA-z68x motherboard

    What does the system say with just -v used? Adding -x might not help you figure out what is freezing the system. As that puts the system into safe mode iirc.
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    I cant install ML...need some help please...

    Just try installing with your onboard HD3000 gpu first then when ML gets installed, put in your 9800 card. I'm using my onboard gpu and hoping it will help install ML. I have the HD2000 though. If the hd3000 lets you install ML, then you should be home free I hope!
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    iJanni´s Silent Build - GA Z77 DS3H - i3 2100 - NVidia GeForce 210

    I'm glad you were able to get ML going on the 210. I have one as well but with my z68ma giga board, I can't get past a black screen or it will just stay on the gray screen with the apple logo. Sometimes the gray screen with the apple logo will disappear but it won't show the installation screen...
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    Can't get to Mountain Lion Installation Screen -430 GT

    I have the same issues with my gt210 vid card. i get the black screen after the apple logo screen or it will just stay stuck on the gray screen. I didn't have issues with Lion or SL but with ML it just doesn't allow me to proceed with the installation screen.
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    HELP Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 vs GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3

    Yeah I had to install via dvi and then after I got it up and running I used HDMI cable for my mobo and monitor.
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    Solution!!! ...Linksys WUSB600N Driver that works on Mountain Lion

    Glad it works in ML as well. I hope to pick up one but they are now discontinued though. At least I am having a hard time finding them. I want 5ghz band for my streaming!