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    Intel Z490 and Comet Lake desktop combo

    Hi there, Anybody has some news?
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    [Guide] High Sierra on HP Spectre x360 8th Gen Coffee Lake

    Hi everybody, Does anyone tried to install macOS Mojave? It should work better than HS!:)
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    Do Intel 'F' CPUs work in macOS?

    Hi, If you use last clover with last lilu and WEG (WhatEverGreen) you shouldn’t have problems: they force AMD GPU to render everything when they find an “F” processor (I have a Z370HD3P with an i5-9400F with RX580)!
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    Asus Pro PU551LA Hackintosh?

    Hi, Did you manage that laptop to work with macOS? Thank you Stefano
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    New AMD Radeon VII on my Hackintosh

    Now I’m using Vega 56, but I’d like to tra Radeon VII! Do you have any (also rare) problem with this card? Probably AMD works great with Metal in macOS app and worst with OpenGL....
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    New AMD Radeon VII on my Hackintosh

    I used an RX580 with FCPX and my GPU history was full (100% of gpu use). Now I’m using a Vega 56 and my gpu history is only 30-40%, but I have a faster rendering experience! I think it’s normal! To get real information about GPU performance use Luxmark instead of Geekbench: it is not working...
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    RX580 Fan Display and Control - GPUsensors

    Hi, Is there any way to control fan in R580 on macos? Something like Vega?
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    << Solved >> Installation with MSI Z390 A Pro + Core i7 9700K Working but with a problem...

    Could you share your efi partition? And your UEFI setting? Thank you
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    Nvidia Quadro 4000 black screen issue High Sierra installation

    Hi, People says you have to use MacPro 5,1 to get video.... I have a different problem, I can't boot with 5,1, but using 12,2 (I have a Z68P-DS3), I get black screen. I think I'll buy a new GTX 1060/1070 Have a good luck and tell me if you get it
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    Native NVRAM Available?

    Does anyone tested new MB with nvram?
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    Need Help: GTX1050 HDMI Audio works (kind of)

    So I could try to install older drivers (10.13.6, no security update) and also contact Nvidia? Thank you toleda
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    Need Help: GTX1050 HDMI Audio works (kind of)

    Hi, I'm writing from a i9-9900k, Z370-HD3P, GTX1050Ti Zotac. I have the exact same problem. My audio works only when I hot plug a second monitor.... Is there some script that could help? I have AppleALC, Lilu, WhatEverGreen and clover updated.... The same configuration with a gtx1080 works great :'(
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    [SOLVED] GA-Z97-HD3 High Sierra Update - restart loop

    Hi sn00ze....Could you share your EFI partition and also all kext you added in L/E and S/L/E? Thank you I'm going to install High Sierra in. my Z97 and I want some material to start ;)
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    Drivers for Nvidia RTX 2080/2070

    Any news? We're waiting ;)
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    Core i9 compatibility

    Maybe he's talking about the i9 8th gen mobile version..... ( The i9-9900k is 9th generation ;)