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    NEW Hackintosh Mac Pro 2019

    haha why didn't you get the big one, right? that's pretty amazing. if you have a github repo or something with notes on the build a lot of people would be interested in reading more.
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    New Apple Silicon Macs: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini

    I replaced my TBMBP 13" entirely with a 2020 iPad Pro and I do the vast majority of my photography work on that. Getting my workflow adjusted was a little tricky but the short version is I import off SD cards wherever I am and import my jpegs and raw photos into a Dropbox folder that my old Mac...
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    [Solved] Getting Error in Console app, system works fine

    Have either you reported this yet to the developer of Bartender 3? I had maybe one interaction with him a few years ago and I think he was like a kid in high school or something back then! I was concerned about the same thing while looking for an unrelated log message — if nobody else has...
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    [Solved] Can start installer, but cannot subsequently boot macOS Install

    Just wanted to confirm that converting my boot volume from CoreStorage to a regular ol' partition resolved my issue entirely.
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    [Solved] Can start installer, but cannot subsequently boot macOS Install

    Kind of. I wound up telling it to install to another volume and then I chose that volume and it finished the install on the other device and I don't like that at all because it means it'll just happen again. And it did happen again, the Supplemental Update to address the Password Hint...
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    [Solved] Can start installer, but cannot subsequently boot macOS Install

    I can initiate the install from installation media or the in-place upgrade, but the second part of the process that boots to the installation from `/macOS\ Install\ Data` doesn't work, because Clover never presents me with the option to boot from it on my system volume! I have made a partition...
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    [Solved] NVIDIA Web Driver iBooks Bug

    So much of those drivers have to be oriented around Xorg and other uses for the framebuffer devices, I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to how likely a port would be. The bottom line for me is that I stick to cards that are supported with the Apple-supplied drivers. If Nvidia makes a...
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    [Solved] NVIDIA Web Driver iBooks Bug

    Is it at all helpful to anyone that my workstation is fine with iBooks and doesn't seem to have the issue described here? I'm using the Nvidia Web Driver on a Kepler-family GPU and 10.12.1 16B2555. Possibly relevant I still have SIP disabled from when I configured SwitchResX. So another...
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    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    Two computers I really wish I still had around were my 9500/180MP and my Dual G4 (Graphite). Surprised your Cube isn't cracked yet!
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    Terminal not working - El Capitan 10.11.5

    It isn't emasculated. SIP precludes changes to that directory's permissions, so it was a redundant function.
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    Boot0: done After 1 year of Stability

    Not off-hand, but if it were me I'd read the release notes on the latest Unibeast/Multibeast package and see if it applies to previous releases like you're running and see if there is a break-down on the differences and implications of switching to Clover. I know it now deploys Clover by...
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    Boot0: done After 1 year of Stability

    I wouldn't introduce a new OS until you're comfortable. If anything I'd recommend moving to Clover and getting familiar with that before you do a wholesale OS upgrade.
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    Boot0: done After 1 year of Stability

    Nope, I haven't used a BIOS legacy boot in quite some time. You've got some files in / on your boot device that contain boot code and you're letting the messages display. If you have never seen them before it's because something updated the boot loader and did so in a way that differs from the...
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    Boot0: done After 1 year of Stability

    These are merely messages from a legacy boot process. Are you using Clover and doing a pure EFI boot? (I'm guessing no since otherwise you'd probably never try to load the legacy boot code.)
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    ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6870 Instalation

    You should review the information here also, for more information on what we're talking about: