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    Choosing What displayPort will output audio

    Hi, with the help of the great people on here i was able to get the sound working with my Gtx1080 via an active DisplayPort adapter on Sierra 12.6 The way it was running was as follows: Pc>DP adapter to hdmi>Receiver(HT-R393,rated 4k 60hz)> Hdmi to tv Now i just bought a dell ultra wide...
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    Can't Login after 10.12.6 update

    Today I updated my Sierra because I needed to install the newest Nvidia drivers since I,m upgrading my rig. I first updated Clover to the latest version then proceeded to update from the App Store everything went smooth, no kernel panic, no boot loop or anything. but now, I can't login to my...
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    GPU Fan Control ?

    You can see that under load, the gpu scales correctly and the fans ramp up. but it's the idle that is too high
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    GPU Fan Control ?

    Hi , I have an evga 770sc on a z170-xp sli from gigabyte. since day one I've found that my computer was loud. at first I thought it was because of my push pull config from my rad, so I switched to a push config and changed all my case fans for noctua fans. Now it is still pretty loud and I've...
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    Noctua NH-D15

    I'm planning to use a laserhive on a z170xp ski motherboard inside my g5, but I'm no sure I have enough clearance to put an NH-D15 as a cooler, has anyone done this ?
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    PowerMac G5 Adventures !

    I'll upload Pictures of the enclosures as soon as I get home!
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    my first PowerMac G5

    so it is a powermac g5 in a pc case ?!
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    Little help with "power button/front I/O"

    sweet!, did you reuse the headphone from the original board?
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    PowerMac G5 Adventures !

    I see, I'm about to pull the trigger on the thing, I'll see how it goes. would soldering the 2 parts be better than jb weld?
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    G5 MOD - i7 6800k - X99 AII - 2 * GTX 1080 - 64 RAM

    did you have to cut the upper mounting screws for the hdd cage before fitting the psu ?
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    Little help with "power button/front I/O"

    do you have a model in particular to recommend ?
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    PowerMac G5 Adventures !

    Thanks! it is indeed really neat
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    PowerMac G5 Adventures !

    **I'm edition this post to not clutter the forum** **I will update this thread with pictures of my progress as it goes along I'm almost ready to to build my Hackintosh in the case What I have (material) 1x 2004 G5 case with a bump on the top (stripped out by me) 1x 2005 G5 case with no...
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    CPU Running HOT with H60 H2O!

    Did you plug both the pump and the fans? or only the fans?
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    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    I can't seem to push the 18 000 on the multi core score with 4.0, I think the 4.2 turbo boost dosent work , I'm looking into it Z170-XP SLI i7 6077K 32gb ram gtx770 Edit: I just messed with the bios and automatic overclock, picture 2 and 3 are with the new settings, 4.4 and 4.6 respectively.