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    [Success]El Capitan - Asus B85M-G - i3 4170 - HIS 6670 2GB DDR3

    Can you Upload your Efi folder please ?
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    [Q] Intel DH67BL

    Hey guys Somebody happens to have my own mainboard like me and has a working EFI folder for me so that I can use my Hackintosh problem freely My Specs: Intel DH67BL Intel Core i5 2320 16 GB DDR3 Ram MSI Geforce GTX 750 Intenso 120GB SSD I really want to use High Sierra because of the Nvidia...
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    [SUCCESS] Mojave 14.1 on Intel DH67BL+Intel i5 3450+Nvidia Ge Force GT 710

    Hey cmn699 i have the same Configuration INTEL DH67BL + Geforce Card 7xx Series + 8 GB Ram + SSD + HDD i have a another CPU i5 2320 can you send me pls your Working Efi Folder for this Hackintosh ? :)