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    Need a double check on this: Win10/Win8.1 with OSX 10.11 (Clover)

    Before I start tinkering with a multiboot setup I need a quick double-check on my approach: Original setup was Clover 10.11 installed via UEFI. I want to now wipe the drive fresh and reinstall OSX and also add another HDD to boot Win10 or Win8.1. To do this I need to do the following I...
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    H87N-WiFi GTX 760 OSX 10.10.3 Constantly Freezing When [You Name It]

    After starting from scratch after a botched Clover install I have reinstalled OSX on my rig using Unibeast and Chameleon to properly load the iMac 14,2 profile. Recently I have been experiencing freezes when opening apps, trying to run Time Machine backups, or when using Plex Media Server, I am...
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    Power Outage "Killed" my HackMac

    Resolved my problem with prodigy21's fix.
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    Mavericks Graphics issue

    This solved my boot up problems with a Z87NWiFi and my GTX 760. Much thanks!
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    Power Outage "Killed" my HackMac

    Unfortunately no resolve with that boot flag.
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    Power Outage "Killed" my HackMac

    Suffered a power outage caused my computer to not properly boot up anymore. I ran a -x -v boot up, originally it said a Bluetooth error. Shut down, removed all peripherals except keyboard and mouse. Ran it again would boot in safe mode, won't go past Apple boot-up, spins, but doesn't launch...
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    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide December 2013

    I'm hoping to see the GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD7 in this list one day. With Thunderbolt 2, it will be up to par with the new Mac Pros.