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    Apple Wireless Keyboard BIOS entering problem.

    Hi, I have the following problem that has been bothering me for some time: my hackintosh iMac8700 in signature, dual boot (Apple wireless keyboard and mouse) when I want to access the Bios to change the setup or simply do F12 to decide the boot device using the wireless keyboard does not work...
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    Solved > Catalina SMBIOS problem

    I'm sorry!!! I copied whatevergreen in the usb pen but not in the boot disk !! Now everything is working properly! Thanks
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    Solved > Catalina SMBIOS problem

    Yes I use Lilu and Whatevergreen and I’d auto-generated all the data using Clover Configurator and controlled the serial isn’t used, so I don't know what else to do!
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    Solved > Catalina SMBIOS problem

    Hi, my hackintosh is the first (iMac 8700) of my build segnature - Samsung 970 evo NVMe disk and video card is a Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 8Gb. I did a clean installation of Catalina. I used the Clover config.plist attached (very basic) downloaded from the post "How to Create a macOS...
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    Intermittent Ethernet Connection

    As I wrote, I tried different versions of these kext but to save time I would like to know if someone who has had the same problem has found a solution. To be precise, I had these problems with version 10.13.1. Since I updated to 10.13.2 using IntelMausiEthernet the problem has not occurred yet.
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    Intermittent Ethernet Connection

    I've the same problem on a GA-Z97-D3H i7 4790K ASUS GTX960 on High Sierra 10.13.2, using the last IntelMausiEthernet kext (but I tried older too). If I use AppleIntelE1000e kext I've very slow but stable connections.
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    After Supplimental Update, boot stalls.

    I have the same problems! I did yours! This is the second time I tried to update without success! The first time I was forced to restore it from a "time machine" backup, I tried 2 times because the first time the recovery was unsuccessful. The second time went well. Now I'm stuck again like you...
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    [GUIDE] El Capitan on the GA-Z170X-UD3

    I tried CloverThemeManager and now I've changed theme but I don't understand the text highlighted by the yellow rectangle into the attached image.
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    [GUIDE] El Capitan on the GA-Z170X-UD3

    Yes it remains. I've the last Clover. I tried to change Themes using Clover Configurator (NVRAM Tool) but I only see the embedded one and I can't load another one. In my other hackintosh with Gigabyte 90 series motherboard I can change theme and Last booted volume work.
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    [GUIDE] El Capitan on the GA-Z170X-UD3

    I've followed your guide (thanks for it!!!) with sierra 10.12.4 all seems work but I've problems with Nvram. Our Gigabyte 100 Series motherboards don't have native Nvram Native NVRAM Available? so we must use EmuVariableUefi-64.efi and RC scripts to boot volume, but I can't change clover themes...
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    AMD/Nvidia Primary Display with AirPlay Mirroring

    I've a Sierra 10.12.4 skylake CPU (iMac 17,1 definition) with Asus Turbo GTX1060 6Gb video card. About the video all is working, except I've not Airplay! Is there a solution?
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    Pascal and Airplay

    Hello, I've a Sierra 10.12.4 Hackintosh (iMac 17,1 definition) with Asus Turbo GTX1060 6Gb video card. About the video all is working, except I've not Airplay! Is there a solution?
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    [GUIDE] Sierra on the GA-Z170X-UD3

    Hi, my hackintosh is very similar to the @cnrd one, it changes only in cpu (i7 6700K) and GPU (GTX1060) I've also BCM94360CD Bluetooth / WiFi combo mini card. I did a 10.12.4 clean install (iMac 17,1). I can boot and video is working, Bluetooth too but wifi and Handoff/Continuity no! I moved...