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    [Please Help] - Asus X299 Prime A II - Catalina - NVME 1689 error

    Hey, Check my post for this m/b.
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    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    It does with a flashed Thunderbolt controller. Check this thread.
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    It's just a cosmetic SSDT. It's NVM 23.
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    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    At last, I've managed to test ASUS Prime X299-A II after 2 months of sitting at home. The patched BIOS and SSDT for CPU did the 'start' magic. Other SSDTs were adapted from ASUS Prime X299-A. GC-Titan Ridge controller was flashed with a patched firmware (thanks to @CaseySJ and @Elias64Fr...
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    Asus P9X79 - i7 3930k - waiting on <dict id=0...

    Hey, Check the attached EFI from my M/B.
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    Asrock X299 Creator

    You need the firmware (here), an EEPROM programmer to reflash BIOS on the GC-Titan Ridge, and you need to jumper two pins on the card itself (or the TB header cable).
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    Asrock X299 Creator

    @tonzone, thx for info about X299-A II. Did you use Clover or OC? If Clover, could you please upload it?
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    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    Because, as I wrote, GRUB shell says that the register is 0x00 already. But there might be a problem with the current M/B because it can't shut down from Windows and some times from BIOS (it stucks with 00 on POST coder and the fan on the card run at 100%).
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    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    Hey guys, I'm trying to configure a new Prime X299-A II for upcoming builds (as Prime X299-A is out of stock everywhere) and have a very weird problem (considering the current progress with the updated X299 M/Bs). The Catalina installer is not booting - hangs on +++++++++++. In BIOS (version...
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    Hackintosh on Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ not booting

    @MrSTeveMosher Take a look at my EFI folders for another 2CPU M/B here.
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    [Success] i9 7920X, ASUS PRIME X299-A, GTX1080Ti, ASUS Thunderbolt 3 (Lazy Guide)

    Hey @srmusico, It would be better to share useful info for these builds at this forum in this thread or here: #1, #2.
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    macOS could not be installed on your computer. An error occured while loading the installer resources. MOJAVE.

    Hey, Try next: - boot w/o Internet (disconnect Ethernet cable; unplug WiFi card if presented) - run the command in the Terminal: date -u 0923120019 - close the Terminal - run the installation
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    Asus X299 - Support

    Hey, I've spent a few hours flashing and then checking 4* GC-Titan Ridge controllers (for future builds) last Thursday. All 4 flashed w/o issues. All 4 worked on Windows. But only 2 worked on macOS:banghead::crazy:. Then I noticed (Thunderbolt software panel on Windows) that non-working on...
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    Giacomoleopardo's X79 "Mostro"

    Hey, If someone is still using this M/B, here are my working EFI folders for 10.14.6 and 10.15.1 (no themes folder).
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    P9X79 Pro i7-3820 Mojave Anyone had any success with install?

    Hey @a3igner, Here is my working EFI for my ASUS P9X79 board. Might be working with yours as well.