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    Boot0: GPT Error only when graphic card is installed

    Yes I did. I had to completely erase my hard drive and start over. The issue was my graphic card was not supporting a "GUID Partition Table", something weird about 10k sectors. I now have my card working with no issues & Full QE/CI support on a "Master Boot Record". Of course, you may have a...
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    nVidia GTS 450

    hi, Congrats on getting your card to work! can you please post where you found the working kext and how you installed it?
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    Quick guide to configuring the UEFI on Gigabyte's 7-series LGA-1155 motherboards

    can anyone shed some light on why my hard drive only shows up as bootable when "UEFI ONLY" is selected in storage boot option control? This guide claims that OSX only supports legacy. I am using a PCIE SSD...
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    Boot0: GPT Error only when graphic card is installed

    I have a weird issue guys... I recently upgraded to 10.9 (thanks tony)! Successful install except that my Sapphire HD7750 will not work. I got the same issue while attempting to install the card in ML 10.8.4. Here is the error: It shows up right after the bios splash screen and only when I...
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    a new DAW was born

    Congrats on your build! I'm curious about the MadiXtreme too. Did you have to do any additional fixes or does it work OOB with SSL's drivers/updates. Also I assume your running ML 10.8.4. Thanks man
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    Can't see hard drive in second USB boot

    SOLVED I had to select "UEFI only" setting in the storage device boot option. With this option, I can see my SSD in Chimera. I do not know if this is messing up other aspects of my build though, as I read that UEFI options are not supported in hack****sh. My VisionTek Data Fusion PCIE SSD is...
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    [CONTENT CREATION HACKINTOSH] PCIe Flash Storage Hackable?

    [Success] VisionTek Data Fusion bootable I decided to test the VisionTek Data Fusion. I can confirm it is fully bootable with "UEFI only" settings in BIOS. No need for USB.
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    List of Confirmed Radeon HD 7xxx Series (10.8.3+)

    I recently put together my first build today! I am using onboard hd4000 graphics for initial tests. Dual display at 1080p works fine with the onboard graphics. When I try to install my Sapphire HD 7750 (passive edition), Device ID: 0x683f1002, I get error "Boot0: GTP Boot0: Test Boot0: Test"...
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    Can't see hard drive in second USB boot

    Can you be more specific with the BIOS setting for this fix please? I have the same problem. After the initial boot from USB, I can install OSX on my SSD. The drive is recognized in disk utility and installation is successful on a brand new, journaled, and partitioned GUID SSD. After I restart...
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    Radeon HD 6770 full QE/CI! (Mountain Lion)

    Any update on dual monitor compatibility? I am currently looking into installing a 6770 in my Mountain lion rig. I have two monitors that i use without mirroring... is there a fix for this with the 6770 yet? i am trying to avoid flashing to 5770. if you ended up flashing please describe any...
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    [CONTENT CREATION HACKINTOSH] PCIe Flash Storage Hackable?

    PCIe Flash Storage Compatibility List Hi tonymacx86 community, I'm really interested in PCIe Flash Storage since the new 2013 Mac Pro will be taking advantage of this technology. I've been looking into Hackintosh compatible cards and haven't found any confirmed working list on tonymacx86 or...