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    Multiple monitors with GTX 760 & Lion

    If anyone has any ideas on this I'd be very grateful. My setup follows the old Frostcall build of 2011 (see specs) but I've just upgraded my gfx card to the EVGA GTX 760 and it's broken my multi-monitor setup. (Multiple monitors still work on Windows.) I have one monitor plugged into the DP...
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    Succesful boot 1 in 5 times

    Bump - I can now only boot with rBoot, and even then after about 10 tries. If anyone can help I'd be extremely grateful.
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    Succesful boot 1 in 5 times

    Is that a known issue with the 6850?
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    (GUIDE) broadcom lion

    Funnily enough, after a clean install of 10.7.3 my wireless now works perfectly, no rebranding or other fiddling required.
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    Succesful boot 1 in 5 times

    I have been putting up with this problem for 3 months now, but it became worse after a recent clean install of 10.7.3 and it's now too frustrating to ignore. The issue: I can only boot into Lion successfully about 1 in 5 times. When I try to boot, the system will apparently randomly choose one...
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    Jittery/fuzzy display in fullscreen applications

    After a clean install of Lion 10.7.3, a new problem has developed. When i run a fullscreen application, my main monitor becomes fuzzy and jittery. The secondary monitor is fine, and when I quit the application, the display returns to normal. Any idea what's going on?
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    Moving /Users to a different partition...Again!

    I've followed Lnx2Mac's very helpful guide on how to move my home directory to a separate partition, found here: However, I've since acquired a bigger hard drive and want to move my home directory to it. Does...
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    [SUCCESS] GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3, i52500k, Rad HD 6850, Lion/SnoLe

    My back panel audio is working fine, but my front panel audio isn't, and neither is front or back mic. I'm using F11 DSDT from the database, plus ALCxxHDA & AppleHDARollback from Multibeast 4.0.2 (on 10.7.1). Can anyone help? First build! :/
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    (GUIDE) broadcom lion

    These steps do not work for me. I have an Apple-branded 4321 card which worked just fine in 10.6.8, but since upgrading to Lion it is no longer recognised as an Airport card and my connection is extremely buggy. If I can get a connection at all then it's too slow to be able to use, but most of...
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    Troubleshooting help required: Lion H67M-D2-B3 /i3, 5670

    Fixed my problem - just booted without iBoot in the drive. Installed without issues.
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    Troubleshooting help required: Lion H67M-D2-B3 /i3, 5670

    I have a similar problem - my installer partition won't load but instead reboots when I select it in Chimera, and carries on in an infinite loop. I did download the Lion installer from my MBP and copy the files over though (in an attempt to bypass app store login problem), so would this have...
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    Summer 2011 Hackintosh

    Probably no need for 850W CPU. Check your system requirements at
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    Fractal Design Define R3 + USB 3.0

    USB 3.0 case (note: new case design with USB 3.0 inbuilt as opposed to upgrade kit) supposedly available Tues 27th Sep, from/according to this site:
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    Fractal Design Define R3 + USB 3.0

    USB 3.0 upgrade kits available from in the US and Canada. Still no word in the UK as yet :(