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    Success: X79 UD5 + 10.13 High Sierra

    Can anyone with experience help me?
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    Success: X79 UD5 + 10.13 High Sierra

    Hi. I have a problem and would like to share with you and ask for REHABMAN's Help. I have a Gigabyte X97S-UP5-WIFI Mobo, with a XEON 2687w CPU and using a GTX 980 Ti with Sierra operating perfectly and completely updated. The problem is: I tried EVERYTHING I could to get HIGH SIERRA running with...
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    Success: X79 UD5 + 10.13 High Sierra

    Thank You, Man. I have the same MOBO you do, but my processor is a XEON 2987W and my video card is GTX 980 Ti. I will try your EFI and KEXTS, because I was never able to run High Sierra here, but Sierra runs very well. Well, I have tried your both your EFI and KEXTS and still no luck. Could you...
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    As said, I had success installing Sierra with Clover on my hackintosh. Everything works as supposed, USB 2 and 3, Nvidia GTX 980 Ti, mouse, keyboard, but the thing is: "sudo trim force enable" doesn't turn on my trim support, and TRIM ENABLER doesn't work either. Trim was Enable in Yosemite, so...
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    Confirmed Audio Interfaces (Hobbyist/Pro-sumer/Pro) & Drivers - Mac OS X

    I have a hackintosh LGA2011 working with OSX 10.10.6, Nvigia GTX 980 Pro, 48gb ram, gigabyte ga.x79s-up5-wifi running an Avid Omni connected to the native card. Pro tools 12.5.2 with C24 connected. I also have 3 octo cards running my Universal Audio plugins. I also have 3 Apple Cinema Displays...