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    Getting trolled by brightness on OS update

    I think I've bricked my computer in the stupidest way possible. I was waiting on the High Sierra install to finish it's thing and reboot while laying in bed. Since the estimate was at 12 hours, I turned the brightness all the way down which turns off the screen completely on my laptop. While I...
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    Help need Resurrection power mac g5 Totally bent case

    The outer shell will probably be pretty hard, but you should be able to repair the front grill just around the disk drive with a rubber mallet. If you can't find a rubber mallet, tie a thick cloth over a hammer and hit lightly. A heat gun might help soften the metal up a bit too. If you don't...
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    Planning a new G5 Hackintosh

    If you plan to Hackintosh, you need to pick the PC components specifically for that. Just follow this guide: Not to be mean or anything, but I don't think anyone wants to design a build for you, and give you step by step instruction when with...
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    It's been a bit since I posted an update, but I've been slowly painting everything. Here's a sample of the G5 plate in red and black. It still needs a bit of touch up, but so far it looks pretty cool.
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    Rewire G5 Hot Swap Fan

    Combine The two ground pins from each -> -1 pin Combine the +12v pins -> -1 pin 8 - 1 - 1 = 6 pins needed. Combine the two red pins and the two black pins to be one pin.
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    There should be 12 nuts at the two joints which hold down a metal plate. You can see the threads for the nuts in the left part of the picture below.
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    Yes, every single screw needs to come out to remove it without causing damage. There are also some nuts on the back side of the side of the case. If you run your hand over the inside of the lip right where the side panel goes on you will feel them. I would recommend getting a larger handled...
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    I got the power supply mount completed yesterday, I'm happy with the shape, but I think it needs to be reinforced a bit.
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    I got my fan shroud printed and I'm really happy with it! There are a few holes that I'll need to fill and sand, the surface is a bit rough, and it revealed a gap in the G5 shield that shows me the mounts I made to replace the PSU are not quite straight. All of these are fixable and I think it's...
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    I got my fan grills printed out, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Next up, I'm going to print a piece that will sit between the G5 CPU shroud and the fans like the original case had.
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    I took me awhile, but I finally got my logo mod finished for my GPU. The last picture really doesn't do it justice, I had to turn the light out and unfocus the camera to get it to hold an color. It's a very mild red glow, it definitely doesn't "shine" like it used to, which I'm actually happy...
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    Charlee's first G5 hack (edited to show pics)

    I would personally run a fan directly on the cpu heatsink, though you could also just try it and see what happens without it. CPUs have pretty great thermal cutoffs, so just run some synthetic loads (any CPU benchmark should be fine) and see if the system runs hotter than you want or completely...
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    I got the back plate epoxied in, and it looks decent. The plastic is a little flimsy, but when I screw the fans in, it adds a lot of rigidity, so I'm not too worried about it. I also have to print out some fan guards for the holes.
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    BlackCH's G5 front panel cable header instructions

    Check out this thread:
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    Hypno's G5 Mod

    The larger parts cost maybe 75c, but it depends on what filament you use. I prototype my parts in cheap Chinese filament that I got for $18/Kg, nicer stuff can cost $20-30/Kg, but it prints more reliably. The prusa is probably the best you can get if you want a top of the line entry level...