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    New XPS 15 (9560) compatibility?

    Yes confirmed that it will in fact work as a hackintosh, HOWEVER, the wifi card isn't supported, and the nvidia gpu isn't detected. Also you may run into issues getting the keyboard and trackpad working at first. I will post my build steps later. In a nut shell follow the typical steps and you...
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    [Solved] "Prohibited" or "Stop" sign when booting USB installer

    I have the same issue. My bootable usb is using Sierra 10.12.3. I had my system working a day ago but got issues after trying to fix a wifi issue so I'm where you are right now. The way it worked before was a matter of disabling Virtualization in the bios and setting the boot mode to legacy...
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    OS X Mavericks is Now Available on the Mac App Store for Free

    Having trouble downloading Mavericks OSX from app store? I found that my hackintosh system settings where not compatible according to the apple site. Thus you may need to use the chameleon wizard ( google it. any will work ) to update the symbios.plist file to reflect a system compatible with...