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    Ignore Clamshell state changes - keep display On (MBP Retina 2012 a1398)

    Just wanted to update, the problem seems to be fixed for now by removing a component from the sensor, see below.
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    Ignore Clamshell state changes - keep display On (MBP Retina 2012 a1398)

    Hi Users. I've tried three different Mac forums for help (iFixit, Apple Users and Developers) but have yet to receive an answers that helps me fix the problem. I just got a 2012 Retina Macbook Pro given to me which was a god-send because my early-2008 MBP really wasn't cutting it anymore. Some...
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    [Success] Guide GA-EX58-UD5-F13 Socket 1366 and Nvidia Graphics

    Hi there. Do you happen to have a Clover config file and DSDT.aml files for the installation? All the best :)
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    EX58-UD5 Clover 10.10 Success (except sleep)

    Hi there. Just found a GA-EX58-UD5 that I was hoping to use as a second hackintosh, I was hoping to use 10.13 but the installer won't load using the config and DSDT given here. Do any of you happen to have an updated clover config for a newer MacOS? All the best :)
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    [SUCCESS] 10.12.4; ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, i5-6500, 970GTX

    Thank for the guide, had spent half of the day trying to figure out why my Asus Gtx 760 wasn't working and it turns out the SMBIOS was the problem. Switched from randomly generated SMBIOS 10,1 to 14,2 with the guide below and now all is well. :clap::headbang...
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    Quiet NVidia card working with 10.12?

    Thing is just to get a good quiet cooler on the GPU. I've had a good experience from Asus Strix/DirectCU cards, even though my current GTX 760 I've tried a R9 280X and GtX 980 on El Capitan that worked great, all Asus cards. I think they were the first major company to focus on high performance...
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    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Ohh ok. Well the framebuffer patch behaves just like RadeonFramebuffer so I am fairely certain the driver is the issue. I'll probably end up upgrading to El Captian (and not be able to use Pro Tools 10 ;( ) or get a new gpu. Or maybe one day I'll find the magical fix for it, for now I've got...
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    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Check out the link below, Asus 280x states max 4K. You can do 4K at 60HZ using HDMI 2.0, 1.4 does 4K at 30HZ. I don't know however what HDMI version is included in the following graphics card or any r9 280 for that matter, so research that further to make sure before you purchase. If they only...
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    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Alright, thanks for the reply, it helps alot. Tried both using DVI and DP to DVI through active converter, same thing. Guess I'll just have to Google it a bit, do you happen to know if framebuffers are the same in El Capitan and Yosemite? I Tried the one I had already patched in El Capitan and...
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    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    Seems to be no change; no sleep and shutdown issues, although otherwise functional with fakeID. Should work OOB, but without sleep and with shutdown issues. Does anyone here know if r9 390 is able to work on Yosemite 10.10.5? I can see the mouse for a split-second and then I get black screen...
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    Black screen after installing RC Script

    I have very strange problem. I installed Clover's RC script for the first time yesterday to get iCloud working and all was fine until I tried to boot the machine today, after I chose boot partition in Clover the screen went black and nothing else happened. I though the problem might be the...
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Oh law, it is at times like these that I feel like the dumbest idiot. It appears that Clover will use the latest version of itself that it recognises from all connected storage devices, which in this case was my Installation USB. I didn't mind it since I experienced no problems before, but it...
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Unfortunately I formatted the 10.11.4 partition and installed 10.10.5 on, I was having some partition corruption which resulted in a massive amount of "hidden space" used on it and therefore I formatted. Here are the files. I've already tried patching the system with a AppleHDA that I tried on...
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Hi Toleda. Do you know why the SSDT method would work on a AMD 280x in 10.11.4 but not in 10.10.5 with the same machine? I changed systems today and left the SSDT on the EFI partition hoping that it would work on the new installation but it didn't, hdmi audio device not showing in System...
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    New Automatic HDMI Audio Script Released

    Worked flawlessly on El Capitan with a AMD 280X. Cheers! :headbang: