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    Why Gigabyte?

    Thank You NobodyNose! Your suggestion worked perfectly. I am still working on the USB ports but I was able to update the BIOS.
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    Why Gigabyte?

    My BIOS upgrade is only available as an .exe. I don't think that a Q-Flash BIOS file is available for my board.
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    Why Gigabyte?

    Hello Everyone, I have a simple question. I know that Gigabyte's implementation of the UEFI BIOS has allowed DSDT-free install for power management and other things to work (my experience with a Z77X-UP4TH is the opposite). However, in order to have the most current BIOS it seems like in at...
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    Asus P6T Deluxe V2 up and running

    Thanks BLAW! I was able to get my Asus up and running with Mt Lion through a lot of trial and error but your guide got me started. I don't have my systems running with DSDT or any kind of power management but as long as it doesn't go to sleep it seems to be fine. Onboard ethernet seems be a...