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    No "use apple watch to unlock mac" option

    I have a Fenvi BCM94360CD card and it works.
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    [Solved] USB installer reboot loop

    Success: After some searching I found that the F8 BIOS on my mobo has a error. Basically if you maker the "execute disable bit" as disable you are really enabling it. Optimized defaults will disable it, but it's marked as enabled. I have everything working again.
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    Mojave 10.14.2 will not boot from Clover 4798 but will from 4630 or 4769

    Having the same issue with a fresh install of 10.14.2 and clover r4798. It will not boot my back up drive ether. stops a random seed and reboots the pc.
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    [Solved] USB installer reboot loop

    I have screens of my bios settings posted below. My bios settings where originally set the same as they had been for installs of MacOS 10.12.0 to 10.13.6 with no previous issues. I reset them going through a troubleshooting list to see if fixed the problem though. Never said it was a kernel...
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    [Solved] USB installer reboot loop

    Update I get the same issue trying to boot my backup drive. I reset my bios to optimized defaults, and disabled virtual -d, etc as per the guide. I get to the screen shot below and it auto reboots my rig. Yes ApfsDriverLoader is on my usb.
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    [Solved] USB installer reboot loop

    I’m trying todo a clean install of 10.14.2 using unibeast v9.0.0, I cannot get the usb to boot the installer. Instead clover just keeps rebooting the computer automatically. After selecting the install usb. I only used the default unibeast config.plist and uefi. Clover goes reboots right after...
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    (SOLVED)prohibited sign at setup High Sierra

    Try booting with -v -X
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    10.14.1 Boot Loop

    What version of clover are you on?
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    Update to 10.14.1 stuck

    Yes I don’t see it, oddly it boots 10.13.6 just fine!
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    Update to 10.14.1 stuck

    I’m having issues trying to update from High Sierra 10.13.6 to Mojave. After restarting the first time I select the boot from install in clover then get stuck on this. I’m on the latest version of Clover r4722
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    (mostly solved, except for sleep) GA-z68ap-d3 rev2.0 Sierra, post-install issues

    Download the newest version of Clover from sourceforge. You should only be using the Realtek kext for Ethernet! There’s a newer version I believe on Git. Install clover and to the boot drive, and then add kext, themes, plist, etc to the boot drive EFI partition. Then don’t boot from the usb, use...
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    New MultiBeast 8.2.1 AppleIntelE1000e v3.3.3 Kernel Panic

    I updated to the newest Intel network driver AppleIntelE1000e v3.3.3 from MultiBeast El Capitan 8.2.1 and got the fallowing Kernel Panic. I was using version 3.3.1 before that without issues. I'm going to switch back, just wondering if I'm the only one with this problem? Tue Apr 26 11:02:55...
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    Install Wndows AFTER OS X

    Are you going to use a separate HDD/SSD's or do you have only one HDD/SSD? You can do it ether way, but I would recommend using separate drives.
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    HDD fresh install does not show in clover.

    I just did a fresh install of 10.11.2 on my old system. After the install I booted from Usb again and the HDD I installed OS X on does not show up as a option. Install was on a GA-Z68AP-D3 1.2 with the UEFI Bios.