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    not installing lion

    i5 2320 is not and Ivy Bridge CPU so you should need to run bridge helper, which will replace the OSX kernal with a modified version to work with those shinny Ivy Bridge 22nm CPUs. The Via audio should work and you are safe to re-enable it. Disable USB3 if you don't have USB3 device(s) and any...
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    i need help asap!

    First of all: Congratulation for doing your own hackintosh! Why are you using multibeast 4.0.3? Is there is 4.5? goto and get to know multibeast. It has clear up a lot for me instead of guessing randomly. A lot of setting you don't need to select as it is installed by...
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    How can I keep my Win7 installation when installing Lion?

    Sorry to deliver the bad new: You need to reformat to dual boot OSX and Windows 7 on same drive. Unless you change you mind to install OSX onto another SSD/HDD. If you want to install of separate drive make sure you disconnect the drive with windows 7 on it first. Your Windows 7 is installed in...
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    installed multibeast on my hackintosh, monitor doesn't work

    Your monitor is fine. It most likely the graphic. Are you using HD3000 or ATI 6850 or Both? Have you set the graphic priority in BIOS?
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    Fractal Node 304

    I will add: Gigabyte mITX MB a 65W CPU e.g. i7 2600s Scythe Ninja 3 Cooler fanless mode Asus EAH6670 1GB fanless graphic card Nesteq Semi-fanless PSU Sandisk Extreme 240GB SSD Scythe slipstream 120mm fan @550 rpm Nice!
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    Buidling a CustoMac Mini (silent? dual monitor?) - Austria

    Re: Buidling a CustoMac Mini (silent? dual monitor?) Fractal design has just launch a new case for mini itx Node 304. It has minimal design has can accommodate ATX PSU. it can take full size graphic card and CPU cooler upto 165mm in height. This is my recipe for my silent bedroom hackintosh...
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    Installing Windows 7 after Lion

    There will be problems ahead when you trying to install Windows on disk which already have 4 or more primary partitions which is in you case. Windows Installer will refuse to be installed to any partition apart from the first 4 primaries. And if you exceed 4 primary partitions you will be...
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    AFP Server not showing up every time

    I have couple of idea you might want to try: Onyx or CCleaner to clear out system cache and rebuild them. In Key chain delete the password stored for the server/mount and save again from finder. Good luck
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    My First Build - GAZ68MX-UD2H-B3

    My first build too: GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B2 rev 1.0 F13 Zalman Z-Machine GT-1000 Case i7 2600s stock clock @2.9GHz, 65W TDP Asus EAH6670 Silent 1GB Corsair Vengeance Blue 2x4Gb 1600MHz running @ 1333MHz Sandisk Extreme 240Gb SSD (new upgrade from WDC Green 1TB) LG CCC-H20L blu-ray ODD Belkins mini BT...
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    Shifting Lion

    A quick guide from tony: ... -1074.html
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    Installing Windows 7 after Lion

    I think its possible. You will need: Windows 7 Installation Disc / USB Unibeast/iBoot/rBoot to get back to OSX after Windows installation is complete Chimera to re-enable HDD Chimera because Windows Installer will make itself 1st partition to boot. 1. Partition your drive: Go to Disk utility...
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    Problems Installing Windows 7

    I think Chimera has detect the tiny FAT32 hidden partition Windows 7 installer created under other conditions which shouldn't happen here when creating OSX+Win7 dual boot drive. OSX should have already created 3 primary partitions (2 hidden) during OSX installations. The Windows installer...
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    Lion 10.7.4: CPU Failure.. I've tried my best, help :(

    BIOS flash tools usually reset its settings to defaults which is not OSX friendly. You need to re adjust those settings. I did get CPU 0x6 sometimes ago after upgrade to 10.7.4 from 10.7.3. Initially I need to cpu power from psu then i'll be alright until another cold boot. The most recent DSDT...
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    Install Windows 7 on a separate HDD

    Yes and No. There is a free utility which can enable OSX built in NTFS support but it is unstable and it not recommended for casual use. The author advised to enable NTFS support on adhoc basis and disable immediately after use. Also there is other free NTFS project like NTFS-3G. I remember...
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    Looking for a bit of advice on this build!

    OZC SSDs especially the Agility 3 series are know to have higher failure rate then average. Lately I notice online retailers are discounting Agility 3 to undercut other brands. The Vertex 3 / 4 uses higher quality memory chips and should be better durablility. I just got myself a SanDisk...