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    UniBeast: Install macOS High Sierra on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    At step 4.9 of the guide I get the following message when trying to execute the No-Convert script in Terminal from the HS installer: "No volumes with /macOS Install Data/minstallconfig.xml found, exiting". Any suggestions? Thanks. 4790k, Asus Maximus Impact VII, Onboard Graphics. Unibeast thumb...
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    (SUCCESS) Asus Maximus VII Impact + 4790K

    I got a quite similar setup, except for the RAM which is Crucial Ballistix Sport XT Se 1866, and GPU being the built-in Intel HD 4600. Here's my little report: Simply using the UniBeast/MultiBeast method instead of Clover, as indicated by redhatmac, I had little issues so far. Even without...