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    Restart instead of shutdown (sometimes)

    it seems issue is gone by updating clover to the latest. :headbang::D
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    Can't boot, solved with rebuilding cache...than again and again

    Try to update Clover and install the latest clover to your OSX drive. It should solve your issue.
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    Restart instead of shutdown (sometimes)

    I added, but still have the issue. The problem is some times the computer restarts after shutdown not always. Also it seems the shutdown time takes long.
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    Restart instead of shutdown (sometimes)

    Hey dude, Thanks for your comments, where did you add it? in config.plist in boot in custom flags?
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    Restart instead of shutdown (sometimes)

    Hi RehanMan This is my IOReg, and I have the same problem like user LeadmaN. Here is my IOREG. Your help much appreciated.
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    macOS 10.12.1 Update

    Installing clean 10.12 then immediately updating to 10.12.1. No any issues. Everything works fine for me.
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    [Success - full compatibility] - MB ASUS H97M-E -CPU i7 4790 - 8GB - HD 4600

    Hi guys, This is Hany from IRAN. I built this last week with these components: OS X: El Capitan 10.11.3 MB : Asus H97M-E (I chose H instead of Z because I will not use my motherboard for overclocking) Cpu: i7 4790 (I think you can use 4790k, the only differences is 4790k is unlocked and...