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    Headphones Don't Work

    It works now, thanks
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    Headphones Don't Work

    My headphones don't work although they show up in the system pref. By don't work i mean there is no sound coming out of them or out of my speakers. When i unplug my headphones the sound works fine from the speakers. I have attached my IOReg and config.plist Any help will be appreciated Oops...
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    [READ ME FIRST!] Graphics Setup & Troubleshooting

    Thanks, for this :)
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    help needed with mac OS X on HP DV6 laptop

    Please update your profile as per the guide and also post a quality photo of verbose boot, we cant help you without seeing the error.
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    How Should i choose SMBIOS?

    What way do i determine what SMBIOS is best for my laptop (I am using a Macbook air 5,2 currently). I would -for the future- like to know how to pick an SMBIOS for a laptop or Desktop. Also can the SMBIOS effect the performance of the machine?
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    Problems After El Capitan Installation

    I would recommend the BCM94352 as per the guide rehab man linked in the previous posts
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    El Capitan Installation Issues

    First read this: Pay attention to the broadwell part as it is important Than start over using this guide...
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    BCM94352HMB issues

    Oh, Ok.
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    BCM94352HMB issues

    I am running Xcode 7.2 from the App Store I am trying to compile BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext, and i have added the repo ( to Xcode, then when i click compile i get errors: error: There is no SDK with the name or path...
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    Making Script to fix Audio after Update.

    Oh, OK, if u want any other help please let me know :) Edit: here is a video, it was very easy for my (i have no experience in this sort of thing) i used a + screwdriver and a fork to open the laptop. then used PVC tape to cover port 20 (for wifi)...
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    Making Script to fix Audio after Update.

    Wow, so happy i helped you, and about wifi i replaced my card with a bcm94352hmb You can read up about how i got it working here: PS: Do you have working USB 3.0? and how did you get it working
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    Making Script to fix Audio after Update.

    Hi i am making a bash script to fix my audio after an update It downloads my audio kexts (hosted in my dropbox account) then installs them /S/L/E/ i don't know the terminal command for rebuilding kext cache though? can someone help me out please thanks. If you want to use it and don't know how...
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    Apple Releases 10.11 Darwin Source

    What does this mean for the hackintosh community?
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    safari download freeze everything

    Make sure you patch your intel hd3000 with the right config.plist provided in RehabMan's repo
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    BCM94352HMB issues

    is yours: vendor id: 0a5c device id: 21fb ?