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    Pentium Anniv.

    Oh and BTW this guy overclocks like a boss ! LinusTechTips got from 3.2GHz all the way up to 4.7GHz with just an H100 ! :O Mind. Blown.
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    Pentium Anniv.

    Oh ok. Sorry Tony, didn't think about the iGPU part. Thanks for the info ! Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Maybe add it later with a preface saying no iGPU on this guy in OS X ?
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    ASUS ThunderboltEX II PCIe Expansion Card - Testing Thread

    No sweat. That's what a community does. Help others. ;) :thumbup:
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    ASUS ThunderboltEX II PCIe Expansion Card - Testing Thread

    Ok, found one on eBay for ~$93 from "an Experienced Seller"
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    ASUS ThunderboltEX II PCIe Expansion Card - Testing Thread

    Where are u based so I can look elsewhere for u ?
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    Pentium Anniv.

    No sign of the amazing bargain that is the Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition ? Haswell, Dual Core, Cheap oh and Unlocked ! Surprised.
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    OS X 10.10 Yosemite unveiled at WWDC

    I think I'm going to be adventurous and upgrade when Yosemite comes out. Might even try the beta later this summer as I'm part of the OS X public beta program. And I too am going to the dark side of Yosemite
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    Your First Computer

    First computer ever used was a 2003 Power Mac G5 2.0 GHz DP (the original Dual CPU model) : First computer ever owned was a 2007 1.83 GHz Mac Mini. Still have it running Tiger with 1GB RAM :
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    Mac Support Added For Two Call Of Duty Titles

    Better late then never.
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    Steam In-home Streaming is now Open Beta

    Nice video although I still think WiFi isn't the best solution because latency is so important. If it helps, power line networking can be considered a compromise.
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    Mechanical keyboards

    Corsair is my brand of choice. Period I personally use the older K60 but if I were buying now, I'd say go for the K70 if you're an FPS Gamer (CoD, BF4, Titanfall, etc.) or the K95 if you're an MMO player (WoW, LoL, Dota 2, etc.)
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    Gaming - Skyrim w/ PS3 remote, 5760x1080

    1st : No Display Spanning on OS X. Apple sees no need for that in their minds. 2nd : I don't think you'll get the PS3 controller working because the "Mac Version" of Skyrim is an unofficial Cider wrapping of the PC Version and not a native port of the game to OS X. (Cider is a wrapper like...
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    Steam In-home Streaming is now Open Beta

    I'll refer you to this video by LinusTechTips : Jump to 4m00s for network info
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    Steam In-home Streaming is now Open Beta

    Nice. I've been in on the closed beta since day 1 and it's pretty decent. Although don't expect amazing performance over cheap 2.4GHz Wireless N. You will be disappointed. Believe me, I've tested it. If you can, go go hard-wired Ethernet or get a Dual Band AC Router.
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    Aorus X7 mavericks?

    I'm really stoked about this beast. An SLI, haswell i7, up to 32gb ram gaming notebook crammed into a chassis that rivals the retina MacBook pro for the price of an entry level 15" rMBP which has no discrete graphics. And I did some digging and there's some very interesting news about the X7...