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    Apple Chime at Startup Added to Clover

    Do you think it's possible to do this using the motherboard internal speaker? The tiny 4pin speaker for beeps? Or maybe we could re-use some laptop speakers? Is that motherboard port accessible on macOS? It would be nice if we can use it mainly for the boot chime.
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    how install Open Core

    @pastrychef How did you convert the NIC MAC Address to Data format?
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    how install Open Core

    I would really appreciate it if you could share it. Thanks.
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    how install Open Core

    @pastrychef I'm now using your Z370 OpenCore config.plist as my reference. Thank you for sharing that. I'm also following some OpenCore articles on how to install specifically this guide because it has more detailed explanations. According to the guide ... From your shared config.plist...
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    [Release] Hackintool v2.8.6

    @headkaze I have been using my generated USBPorts.kext using this amazing tool and works great. Now, I'm moving my bootloader from Clover to OpenCore. Can I use this kext on OpenCore? Thanks.
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    how install Open Core

    @pastrychef Have you moved to OpenCore for your main hacks? Is it worth the hustle as of now? I think it's still in BETA, is it?
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    Clover 5033 install problems

    Can u link me the official page for HFSPlus.efi? Thanks.
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    Solved > Fail to boot after upgrading from Clover r4910 to r5033...

    I'm on the process of updating to the latest Clover build as well and notice the changes. I cannot find the AptioMemoryFix from the new Clover though. This is what is working for my build. I tried the 2/3 fix before but they don't work. I think I'll stick with my old Clover.
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    Changed GT 740 forRX 580 Then Did 10.14.5 Update > Black Screen

    Was the RX 580 already working prior to updating to 10.14.5? Or did you update at the same time, RX 580 + 10.14.5? Regardless, you have to remove all configurations you have related to GT 740. I believe the RX 580 is already OOB or at least you just need latest Lilu + WhateverGreen installed.
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    [Release] Hackintool v2.8.6

    @headkaze What does the PCI Devices do under the Patch tab? Is this use to populate the PCI section of System Report? And is it necessary to have this patch? Thanks.
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    [Guide] Generate SSDT For Coffee Lake CPU

    I'm using iMac18,3 as I have a dGPU and set my iGPU to headless. If you don't have a dGPU then you should use iMac18,1.
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    [Guide] Generate SSDT For Coffee Lake CPU

    I'm not really sure what fixed it but the two major changes I made was to use iMac18,3 as my SMBIOS and made a USB.kext using the Hackintool.
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    Desktop Brightness Control

    Been using this simple app I found on Github. Works great on my monitor. Again, your monitor should support DDC/CI for it to work. My monitor doesn't list the feature on their website as well. Try it maybe your monitor support it as well. NativeDisplayBrightness Love it coz' it looks very...
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    Apple's WWDC Announced for June 3-7 2019

    I don't know if you were supposed to post this on another thread coz' I don't see any previous comments claiming that AMD is better than nVidia. Your quoted post from your reply is just saying nVidia is possibly out from Apple and never mentioned that AMD is better than nVidia. At least its what...
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    The everything works Asus Z390-I Gaming * i7-8700K * Sapphire RX580 Pulse build

    Okay. Last post as I'm sure I am confusing this original thread. Sorry again. I'll better open a new thread or ask questions from the Hackintool thread. Here's what I have btw. I'm really not having that icon.