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    Whats your OSX Setup time?

    Upgrading to Mavericks took around 40 minutes on my system and the Windows 8.1 upgrade took 1.5 hours. I don't see your problem. Install speed has little to do with your CPU, but more with HDD and USB read/write speed.
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    Post Your Desktop

    It's going to be a 'Slendy' Halloween I also have a second monitor, but it kinda looks the same as this one.
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    The site is haunted! Happy Halloween!

    I've come across that one too. It still is a pretty nice wallpaper. I'm going for the slender theme this year.
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Now Available

    Installed it without any problems. Dual booting between OS X and 8.1 is still working fine. The upgrade apparently removed Avast from my computer. Coincidence?
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Now Available

    It's a little smaller than the original Windows 8 ISO. That one took the entire 4.7 GB of my DVD.
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    IOACPIFamily.kext in backtrace when UseKernerCache=Yes

    Since a short while I haven't been able to boot my hack with UseKernelCache=Yes. I normally use it because it makes Mac boot faster. I've booted in verbose mode with UseKernelCache=Yes and this is what I get: Apparently, IOACPIFamily.kext is the problem, but I don't really know how to fix...
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    Transparent Dock in Mountain Lion

    Looks nice! Great idea dude :D
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    troubles with IOACPIFamily(1.4)

    I have that problem when I boot with UseKernelCache=Yes. Try booting with kernel flag UseKernelCache=No
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    USB mic not showing up anymore

    That's indeed weird. I used Kext Utility and it works for me now without problems.
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    USB mic not showing up anymore

    Here you go.
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    Apple's Aging Mac Pro Line to be Discontinued in Europe as of March 1st 2013

    I would be surprised if it actually will be discontinued. The iMac will never get the same speed and power from the Mac Pro.
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    How to active enable location services on Security&Privacy?

    You're connected to the internet using an ethernet connection, aren't you? If you are, you can't enable location services because it's based on Wi-Fi networks.
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    Please quickly help

    I also recommend you to use the UseKernelCache=Yes kernel flag. It allows the system to boot faster, but it doesn't work on all systems. Only use it if it works.
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    Please quickly help

    When you see the Chimera boot screen, type -v Take a picture of what you get when the text stops moving and post it here.
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    USB mic not showing up anymore

    No problem. I hope I can get this problem fixed :S