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    {SOLVED} - Z77X-UD5H - Big Sur - OpenCore 0.6.3

    A fresh install on other drive sounds great to test. If that fails I would try to save your actual bios, and then try the original bios. Maybe works on clover but it's making some troubles on OC. Not sure, just suggesting. My bios has a minor mod but just to be able too boot NVME drives on a...
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    {SOLVED} - Z77X-UD5H - Big Sur - OpenCore 0.6.3

    But are you trying to boot macos? or the installer on a usb? When you say that it works on clover, do you mean that you can boot to Big Sur and use it? or what? Because is strange that it says MacOs Installer, that sounds like boot entry for the usb installer, not the os on the drive. Did you...
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    {SOLVED} - Z77X-UD5H - Big Sur - OpenCore 0.6.3

    Try this EFI, I modified my EFI for your specs, i'm using i7 3770 on z77 mobo with a rx 580. This should boot.
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    MSI Z87-Clover 5126: system reboots at installation

    On OC I'm a completly noob as you, for me OC had Gui by default on install, but I created it with OC GEN-X + OCBuilder, so maybe this is why. But when I was tweaking with things on post install I changed "Picker Mode" to "Builtin" because the Config Checker recommend it and then I got the list...
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    Big Sur Early Adapter > Don’t Rush in...

    I run an Unraid server for Plex and a Win10 VM for games. When hackintosh is over, I probably would start to use Linux on my main machine and run the last possible MacOs over VM on the Unraid server just to minor things.
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    MSI Z87-Clover 5126: system reboots at installation

    Do you have another drive with Windows 10? an really more easy aproach it's to boot windows 10 an use EasyUEFI to create a boot entry to your hackintosh drive. I had to done that some times on fresh install with Clover. This post should help you. And I also changed to OpenCore, all my problems...
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    MSI Z87-Clover 5126: system reboots at installation

    I'm running fine from Big Sur ssd drive, not need usb. What I did was first use a usb drive to run booting test. When I got almost everything working, just copied clover folder from usb to ssd. The only thing that is giving me some trouble is iCloud + iMessage login. I'm getting a "could not...
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    MSI Z87-Clover 5126: system reboots at installation

    Yes, thats normal since Catalina
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    MSI Z87-Clover 5126: system reboots at installation

    I finally could update to Big Sur. I have enabled igpu on bios and I'm using sys definition for iMac Pro 1,1 and ig-platform-id with all dummy connectors for my igpu, in my case 0x01620007. In your case should be something like 0x04120004. After those changes I just launched again Big Sur...
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    MSI Z87-Clover 5126: system reboots at installation

    I'm in the same situation as you on a i7 3770 and z77 motherboard. What Sys definition are you using and did you tried to disable igpu on bios? Just to discard things
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    macOS 11.0 Big Sur is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    After be able to boot on catalina with Clover r5126, I tried to boot from the Big Sur update partition, and I get to loading bar with Apple logo, but it reboot itselfs at the begining of the loading bar. I have last Lilu, Wev & VirtualSMC and Sys definition iMac Pro 1,1 on a i7 3770. I tried to...
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    [solved] RX5600 XT Pulse How to disable ZeroRPM?

    Strange post. No temp values, and no how to fix "issue". Really instructive.
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    AppleHDA Surround Sound [Guide]

    Since Catalina is compatible with Dolby Atmos, it's possible to configure some way to be able to play it on hackintosh? I'm not sure as only supported macs seems to be laptops? I don't understand why. I tried to configure it on Audio Midi Setup but I was only able to configure a 7.1 option...
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    Profile Build Signatures: Request Additional Components

    Can someone add the gpu "Asus Strix Rx 580 OC 8gb"? ( Other way I will still using rx 580 pulse 8gb or radeon other on the signature. Thanks anyway!
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    macOS 10.15.3 Update

    Updated without problems on my hackintosh from system preferences. Really quickly.