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    [100% Working] 12+6 Pin Apple WiFI/BT Card to M.2 NGFF Adapter! Handoff! Unlock with Watch! UEFI!

    Well... so no to expect much info from Gigabyte tech support. Seems that they don't really know much about their hardware, or they are lazy as f*** to check them the compatibility of it. But eeey, seems they came here to see if people have succes with their motherboard on hackintosh, info that I...
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    ASUS Aura control for RGB lighting with a Hackintosh?

    What about this? Should this work for create an app to control Asus hardware leds? I read on the inside guide, that it says that only windows os is supported, but may be some kind of "port" app would work? Have completely no idea how this works...
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    Mojave the best and final version of Macos?

    I just miss the old good days with Snow Leopard, that was great even on a normal hdd. And I remember when I updated to Lion on my 2009 27" i7 iMac and got spinning wheels all time. I think I remember that I replaced the dvd to another HDD just to have Snow Leopard to work, and Lion or Mountain...
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    macOS Catalina Public Beta is Now Available

    Finally I solved it, I was only writing wrong -lilubetaall. Running it on external usb3 ssd to test it only.
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    Advice on choosing Z390 or X299 for video editing (FCPX)

    I on the same dilemma, and I really convinced to get a Z390 + i9 9900k and spend the money I save from a x299 motherboard + 2066 cpu, on a Vega 64. First thing it's that i9 9900k it's better general cpu than i7 9800x, not a big difference, but as 9900k its 400€ cheaper (at least here on Spain...
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    [100% Working] 12+6 Pin Apple WiFI/BT Card to M.2 NGFF Adapter! Handoff! Unlock with Watch! UEFI!

    But corint1 it's using two different converters at the same time. The big red one, that need a M.2 key E device; an other adapter that transforms the Apple Airport card to M.2 key E, to be able to put it on the big red one. The photos are not really good, but you can see the two adapters used...
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    [100% Working] 12+6 Pin Apple WiFI/BT Card to M.2 NGFF Adapter! Handoff! Unlock with Watch! UEFI!

    As the delock 63343 has a 1 x 67 pin M.2 key E slot. What is the adapter that you are using to put on it the airport card? I thinking to buy a Gigabyte z390 Designare, remove the cnvi card and put there the airport. But need the M.2 key e adapter.
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    macOS Catalina Public Beta is Now Available

    Don't know where did you got that info, but as you said that I tried to boot that external drive on my Macbook Pro 9.2 (mid 2012 i5), without issues. Just discovered that without any app opened, just the OS, the MBP runs really hot, about 70˚C. I guess need more work there. But the thing is...
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    macOS Catalina Public Beta is Now Available

    I could install it on a external SSD using my normal clover drive to reach the installer, but after install, when I try to boot it, after some loading and the normal load glitch, my system auto reboots it selfs. I have update Lilu and WEG and tried -lilubetall but still the same. I tried it...
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    Has Anyone Seen Rehabman?

    I only hope that he is fine and don't have any kind of problem.
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    LM270WQ1-SDA2 as external display

    The model that I bought on Ebay it's not longer available on Ebay, but I could found it on Aliexpress...
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    PCIE-NVMe bridged SSD showed as external drive leading to inability of OneDrive

    Tried Innie and works perfect! Thanks Entropic
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    Radeon RX 4XX/5XX standalone system, AMDRadeonX4250.kext (GVA support H264) does not support HEVC HW

    Hey guys! I'm trying to get HEVC hardware acceleration with my rx 480 without luck. I'm using SMBIOS 13,2 on my i7-3770 and whatevergreen+lilu have platform id 0x01620007 so I have igpu acceleration on headless mode. I have H264 hardware acceleration and everything its working great except no...
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    [Success] Mojave PB7 on GA Z77P-D3 - i7 3770 - 16gb - Rx 480 8gb

    The glitch on progress bar on boot it's normal. With the Rx 480 it should work, may be you forgot to put lilu and whatevergreen kexts + add on config.plist the "Devices -> FakeID -> ATI - 0x67DF1002". You also should try to connect the display to a different GPU output and reboot. Sometimes on...