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    Lion Bootloader error problem

    Hijacking!!! :lol: Please post? :D My bad - should've put more detail. I have a 500gb Seagate with the 4k sectors. Originally bought it for the CustoMac Mini. Didn't realize the sector issue at the time. Hoping to switch over to the 500gb and loose the 200gb I'm using right now.
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    Successful Lion crashed; cloned HDD wont boot

    I had the same issue with a new 500gb Seagate, 7200RPM. Originally was to be the boot drive, but the bootloader wouldn't install to it. Was able to boot off usb, and then select it though. I wasn't aware of the 4k sector issue at the time. Other than that the build went off without a hitch...
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    Official CustoMac Mini 2011 Guide and Notes (in progress)

    It as getting late - installing the latest. Just reading the newer posts this morn, and seen a comment about the vga having 'issues'. Was using the vga plug - thought I read that somewhere - switched to hdmi and installed no problem - Just followed the few bios settings and rawking! Will...
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    Official CustoMac Mini 2011 Guide and Notes (in progress)

    Just putting this system together. same mobo, i5-2500k, 8gb ripsaw mem. First stumbling block were usb issues with the first usb flash drive I used. Using an external hdd now and getting further. Initial boot is hanging at a line talking about ethernet address. I'm running the f7 bios...