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    NEC/Renesas USB3.0

    If it is any consolation, I have a Mac Pro 4.1 with a NEC/Renesas PCI card, which worked great with the LaCie USB 3 drivers and Yosemite, but El Capitan decided to ignore it.
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    OS X OpenGL 4.1 Broken on NVidia for Almost 2 Years

    Then you guys will love this even more, the test linked does not run at all on a Mac Pro 4.1 with a genuine GT 120.
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    [SUCCESS] Asrock Z68 Extreme4 GEN3 * 2600k * ATI 6850

    Re: [SUCCESS] Asrock Extreme4 GEN3 * 2600k * ATI 6850 Question and sorry if it is off topic, but are any disadvantages in using 32 bit kernel, instead of 64 bit one? Performance wise. Thanks for the info and nice build.
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    newegg gigabyte h67 mini itx back

    Link here: ... 6813128484 Thanks Potemkin! :headbang:
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    ASUS Ivy Bridge Mini-ITX Z77 Overclocking Board Pics/Details

    Is funny how people are so hell bend in only getting Gigabyte mobos. Is ok, they ruled the Z68 and H67 round, but this one, they don't look so hot, so, embrace the new! By the way, Microcenter just started selling the 2600k for 199. it's so tempting to avoid IB now. decisions, decisions...
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    Thunderbolt Port Pictured on Z77 MSI Motherboard

    VGA and PS2, man, no wonder the apple hardcore fanatics make fun of pc. I can't blame them. I really like the Asus mitx board, but it doesn't have TB. To be honest, i, personally, have no plans or need for any TB device, but would love to pair it with the Apple cinema 27.
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    New Shuttle SZ77R5

    Interesting specs, looks like it will be hackintosh-friendly. Info here: ... tured.html PDF with specs:
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    GIGABYTE Shows Intel Z77 Motherboard Lineup For Ivy Bridge

    No mitx either. This ASUS P8Z77-I looks interesting, but i cannot find the specs for it. Then again, given the fact of how much i love Shuttles, i might just wait to see if they release a new Z77 model soon, but somehow i doubt that, since they just released the Z68 model. *UPDATE* Found the...
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    Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" Developer Build Announced

    You know, people keep saying this, but think about it, how often you think that regular users contact microsoft? Very few and they get charged for that. right there, if done, is more income for apple. Also, as it is, i'm surprised as to how well OSX runs on non "apple" hardware. With apple's...
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    Mac OS X 10.7.3 Update - The Official Thread (Desktops)

    All good here. Downloaded the combo updater. Also the latest Multibeast. Ran update. Ran Easybeast, system repair, audio drivers and replaced the plist on extra folder. thanks Tony and MacMan.
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    10.7.2 on one hdd, win7 on another, BOOTMGR is Missing

    As mentioned by the others, i also do the same thing, select system reserved and so far, never had any issues.
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    Socket 2011 X79 Motherboards and CPUs Released

    Maybe I'm missing something, but according to the Anandtech's review, none of these CPU are that much faster than regular SB. So, i'm missing the reason as to why anyone will want one, besides the amount of memory that they can hold.
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    [Solved] Bluetooth Adapters - Jabra a320s

    Maybe no one will answer since it states that the issue is solved. I currently have the rocketfish and it works great with the magic mouse and apple wireless kb, but it cannot access the system bios or allow me to switch boot devices at the boot loader screen. Will like to know if the Jabra...
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    ASRock Z68M-ITX/HT

    Hmm, interesting. Thanks!!! :clap:
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    ASRock Z68M-ITX/HT

    Well, specs-wise, seems like all parts should work. The only thing i'm not sure is the USB3, since I haven't read much on that. Looks like I might be the first one to try! :headbang: