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  1. Grooby option not used?

    *BUMP* bumping this as I am running into issue where the disk identifier keeps on changing. This is invalidates my Parallel VM as my VM boots off my Windows 7 HD. When the identifier changes, the VM does not run as it cannot find the window partition. Is there anyway to lock the Disk Identifier?
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    KP on Installer partition boot

    have you try to change it to MacPro3,1 and see? I had installer partition KP when I was using MacPro 5,1. After changing it to 3,1, it booted up fine.
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    Geforce 8600GT - QE/CI working but still laggy

    I had 8600GT on a GA-G33M board. I used the NVEnabler kext and didn't have that problem. Have you try to use NVEnabler instead of the Graphic Enabler?
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    installation completed on a p55m-gd41 i5-750 5770(Solved)

    Re: installation completed on a p55m-gd41 i5-750 ati 5770 before the Apple Grey screen, there should be a screen on which HD you want to boot off. At that point, hit space bar and type -v (for verbose boot mode), and then "Enter". Let it boot and tell us where it stops at.
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    Unknow Nvidia Card (GTX 460) - Solved!

    Re: Unknow Nvidia Card (GTX 460) Delete the NVEnabler.kext, clear your kext cache. Update your to set GraphicEnabler=Y. (another way is to run the MultiBeast and under boot option, select 32bit or 64bit).
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    Editing AGPM to prevent GTX4XX Freeze

    so far I found R1000 here ( ... r1000.html) with the change logs ( looking through the change logs right now..might give it a try though... [EDIT] install R1000 and also updated to the latest CUDA...
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    Editing AGPM to prevent GTX4XX Freeze

    is this the same chameleon in MultiBeast 3.7.2?
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    Editing AGPM to prevent GTX4XX Freeze

    hi Scorcho, hope all is well. I am definitely looking forward to Lion.
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    Editing AGPM to prevent GTX4XX Freeze

    yeah..after few days, the KP is back. I broke down and ordered a 5770 instead.
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    switching from 32bit to 64bit

    I have the same issue here. 64bit was working fine before but now that I am running the latest MultiBeast, something is borked and i cannot boot into 64bit mode. I am using EasyBeast without any DSDT. the MB is GA-G33-DS2R. I am really curious on what is causing the AppleRTC error in 64bit...
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    GTX 460 KERNEL PANIC FIX (Permanent!)

    yup! very fluid over 2 monitors. Portal was playing fine also.
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    GTX 460 KERNEL PANIC FIX (Permanent!)

    applied the fix and so far it's working pretty good. The only deviation from the OP is that I made the mod for MacPro4,1 instead of MacPro5,1. I also had to delete AppleMyDE<something> kext to get the machine to boot in MacPro4,1 instead of MacPro3,1. The machine is up over night w/ no KP...
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    OSX freeze after installing official nVidia Fermi drivers

    dunno..dual monitor here with a 460 and I get KP left and right. Currently using Wallsaver as a work around.
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    Apple wireless keyboard with Chameleon or BIOS???

    is that same as this? ... 242&sr=8-2
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    best keyboard

    hey guys, want to get your opinion on the best keyboard/mouse combo for developing. I am currently using the Apple BT keyboard and magic mouse but I still find them a bit lacking. What kind of keyboard/mouse do you use? Grooby