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    Upgrade failed, Just an apple logo

    Thanks for this thread! I had to drop MATS in order to get the upgrade to install and now in order to boot. I have to admit that I am clover "challenged" I have been trying to figure out how to make clover drop MATS routinely. I am using Clover Configurator 2 with clover 4220.
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    G5 MOD - i7 6800k - X99 AII - 2 * GTX 1080 - 64 RAM

    Very nice job! Great use of space!
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    MacPro case mod

    Very nice!
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    Retrofitting into G4 MDD case?

    If you search this forum you will find some ideas for building a mirror door case. It is a very handsome case that presents some unique challenges! Good luck! Let us see your progress here.
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    Black'n Gold PowerMac G5 MOD (SSI-EEB)

    Very nice!
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    G4 Tower Build (Sawtooth)

    I used a 1394 cable and it worked great! See
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    Mod G5 MK I & MK II Hanakintosh

    Good job! Thanks!:clap:
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    Mod G5 MK I & MK II Hanakintosh

    Very nice! I am very interested in your front panel layout. Could you give more detail how you fabricated it?
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    My first Hackintosh, PowerMac G5 based... shooting to do it once, do it right

    Lookin' good! The power supply on top is a natural for this case.
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    Anyone put a filter on the inside of the front of the G5 tower?

    I have thought about doing a filter,too! The G5 is free breathing and that will bring in the dust.I looked around for filters and did not find that much. I picked up some wire form at an art supply store with the intent of making a filter. As you can see, I have yet to open the package.
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    Power Mac G4 QuickSilver Skylake WC edition

    Nice job!
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    Quicksilver Skylake Hackintosh

    Very nice!:thumbup: Keep us posted on how your cooling solutions work out. I am contemplating cooling improvements for my G4. I expect that it will entail some sort of hole in the bottom similar to your layout.
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    Looking for an A-to-Z modding guide suitable to a first time modder

    Read all the builds that have been posted here and then decide how original you want it to be. The more original the more challenging it will be. Remember, once you remove the guts there will be lots of free flowing space there. Modern hardware does not need nearly as many fans as the original...
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    First G5 Mod Motherboard Tray Question

    A motherboard tray is not necessary, but it can be nice. Lots of folks just epoxy standoffs for the motherboard. Micro ATX is easy but the G5 is big enough to accommodate an ATX motherboard easily. You have to ask your self how much do you want to do yourself, how much do you want to spend and...
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    Skylake Apple G5 mod.

    Very Nice!:thumbup: