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    installer freezes on Z490 - 10900KF

    hey all, I prepped a usb according to Dortania guide, with the only difference being I used MacPro7,1 instead of iMac20,2 since my 10900KF doesn't have an igpu. I get to the big sur installer screen, and freeze at random points, such as disk utility, during install or right at the beginning...
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    GC Titan Ridge on Asus Z490-E?

    Hey folks, I have an Asus Z490-E, i9-10900KF. I just bought a GC Titan Ridge because I read that it was one of the best Thunderbolt 3 cards you can get. Unfortunately, in true anti-consumer fashion, Asus has as 14+1 pin header on their cards (ASUS ThunderboltEX 3-TR) and motherboards. I'll be...
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    Best Z490 motherboard for hackintosh?

    hey folks, So, I'm gathering the parts for my build and current have an Asus Z490 Strix-E. I've seen multiple guides using this board, but wanted to double check if there isn't a better, more compatible board to use (eg, a Gigabyte Z490 board). Any tips? I'll be using 10900KF (hopefully...
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    good choice on storage for catalina/big sur?

    hey guys, i'm putting together a hackintosh shopping list, and am looking for a good choice on storage. the dortania guide says that phison-based controllers like sabrent rocket are the way to go, but i see many builds with the samsung 970 evo plus, which was going to be my pick. can anyone help...
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    best build in 2021?

    hey folks, so, after some research, it seems like some of the best hardware to choose for performance and reliability would be: intel i9-10900k Gigabyte Z490 Vision-D (or Vision-G if D is unavailable) + 64GB RAM Radeon 5xxx series for Catalina or 6xxx series for Big Sur ( or Radeon VII for...
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    covert x99 mojave clover to opencore?

    thanks P1lgrim, just adjusted my profile
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    covert x99 mojave clover to opencore?

    So, after a bit lot of struggling, I managed to get my X99 Catalina installation stable and running well. I'd like to convert my mojave installation from clover to opencore, and my understanding is that i only need to replace the EFI clover folder with an (appropriately configured) opencore EFI...
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    Random Black Screens - Asus X99, i7-6860k, Catalina and Radeon VII

    Ok, my issue is as follows: X99 Asus board + i7-6850k (overclocked to 4.0ghz) + Radeon VII keep going to black screen. usb may or may or may not recover, and the only option is hard reset. i've seen several posts in different forums about this, and my attempted fix was to have opencore disable...
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    'still waiting for root device' error on X99 Mojave installation

    Solved, needed a new USB drive on a USB 2 port
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    'still waiting for root device' error on X99 Mojave installation

    That boot arg is already in place, ty
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    'still waiting for root device' error on X99 Mojave installation

    hey folks, been hackintoshing for quite some time now, but haven't had to do a new install for a while. I followed KGP's guide to create a bootable Mojave USB installer, but keep getting stuck at 'still waiting for root device' before everything on the screen gets garbled and scrambled...
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    Radeon VII - Mojave or Catalina?

    Hey folks, I use an X99 rig (i7-6800k, 32GB Ram, Asus X99-a/USB3.1. GTX 1060) and am looking to upgrade the gpu to a Radeon VII. My research tells me that I'll need to have at least 10.14.6 Mojave to be able to use it. I'd like to avoid Catalina because a lot of stuff I use for imports/exports...
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    usb 3.0 error on x99-a / usb 3.1

    hi folks, I'm trying to get onboard USB 3.0 for my ASUS X99-A / USB 3.1. I've tried a bunch of different things but still can't get it working properly. My wall-powered USB hard drive doesn't show up. I've attached my EFI folder for reference. Can someone please help? Thanks...
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    Successful MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 installation on GA-X79-UP4 +i7 3820+Radeon 5450

    hi there, i tried your settings/configuration as suggested, but was still getting the same kernel panic. I had to reinstall using a DSDT I found for a similar Gigabyte board. My previous installation did not use a DSDT but two SSDT files instead. I made a few other changes, including some of...
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    Success: X79 UD5 + 10.13 High Sierra

    I was finally able to get my system up and running, so here is my efi folder