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    Why you should never buy "cheap" low cost Windows Product Keys

    Microsoft supposedly has stopped supporting the free upgrade from Win7 to Win 10, so this may not be a viable alternative for very much longer. Unfortunately, with the way the Win10 licensing is set up, this procedure will not work for Win10 on any computer that has a broadwell, ivy bridge or...
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    Is it safe to resize partition in dual boot? (Hackintosh + Windows 10)

    Resizing partitions is not recommended - something always breaks. Best to got another drive and have each OS on a dedicated drive. Otherwise, the first OS on the disk, if partition is enlarged, will always mess up the second OS partition. If unable to add drives, assuming Mac OS is installed...
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    IM142.scap file in EFI partition not on a system drive

    What you have there is a firmware update file where you possibly got a message that you had to update your firmware to install a new version of Mac OS - probably since you were using the Mac Pro system definition, most likely 3.1 early on with Snow Leopard and needed the 4.1 sysdef when you went...
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    Dualboot Computer Build Compatibility Check

    Since you listed no actual parts, there is no telling. However, any set of parts listed in the Buyer's Guide as compatible with Mac OS will work and any PC parts you put together to create a functioning computer will run Windows - you just have to load the drivers when you install Windows.
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    Is EFi-X (AESM) out of business?

    If you booted to Windows command window and used diskpart to clean and format the drive would that not eliminate the EFiX bootloader?
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    Is EFi-X (AESM) out of business?

    wipe drive clean, install Clover to drive instead of to operating system SSD or HDD - makes it independent of the system drives. A lot of people do this.
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    Installing High Sierra on my Asus FX505GM laptop

    For installation on a laptop, best to post in the Laptop Forum. Have you read any of the basic guides for installing on laptops in that forum?
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    I want to triple boot

    See the pinned guides at the beginning of this forum.
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    Install Win 7 on Apple Drive Partition

    If you installed Mac OSX first, then Windows installer will install its boot files in the EFI partition that the Mac OS disk utility created. If you do not have a Microsoft folder in the EFI after installing Windows, you did not install it UEFI - it was installed Legacy mode. Boot Windows...
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    Install Win 7 on Apple Drive Partition

    Are you trying to install Win7 UEFI mode or Legacy Mode? If Legacy, you need to create a hybrid partition for Windows b booting Mac OS, launch disk utility and format the Win7 partition MS DOS. You also need CSM enabled in the BIOS. See...
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    How to boot to Mac os straight away

    Boot to BIOS/UEFI and set the Mac OS drive as first in BBS boot order.
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    Set Clover's default auto-boot OS to something other than OS X

    You have installed Legacy Mode on a P8Z68 board, yes? IIRC Sandy Bridge had very poor UEFI implementation and it was very spotty on which boards had it and which did not. Windows must be installed UEFI to get a folder in the EFI partition.
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    Windows 7 install – driver issue

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    Z392-F Gaming Asus ROG desktop support for High Sierra installation (Dual Boot)

    Since my latest build is a Coffee Lake I can't help you much but do some research to start with. Does High Sierra support the Z3xx series boards with the 9xxx series CPUs? If Apple did not upgrade the HS 10.13.x latest version with the new boards you are probably out of luck.
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    Stuck with black display apostrophe