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    Mac/Linux Server - Which should be VM Host?

    If Linux is your main OS and the one you use all of the time, make that the host and install Mac OS in the VM.
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    Upgraded today to Mojave Version 10.14.5 Beta (18F108f) and everything seems to be working well.
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    Problem: boot macOS Mojave & windows 10 under the same disk

    For legacy installs on a single drive see
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    Guide: Multibooting UEFI on Separate Drives

    The correct Win10 icon is labeled Boot Windows EFI from EFI.
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    Guide: Multibooting UEFI on Separate Drives

    With both drives connected boot to UEFI/BIOS. Set the Mac OS drive as first in BBS boot order. Save&exit, continue boot. It should boot to Clover and allow you to choose OS to boot.
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    My Gigabyte Aorus Rx580 8GB running Mojave 10.14.4 Beta (18E220a) will run all 5 at once. Looking at the back of the card I have (top row right to left) DP DP DP HDMI bottom row DVI bottom left Call them, right to left DP-1 DP-2 DP-3 HDMI then DVI If the DP-1 is the main screen, the pointer...
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    Music Player that shares my playlists between macOS and Windows?

    Have you tried's VLC Player? I am not sure where it stores the playlists but it does give you a choice of location and file format.
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    Quick question re graphics cards

    Did you bother to check the buyer's guide? While not p-n-p, all it takes is Whatevergreen.kext and lilu.kext to get most AMD GPUs working. My Gigabyte Aorus RX580 8GB works well...
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    Mini-ITX Motherboard in ATX Case

    I use the Kingwin dual 2.5" hotswap bay with a 5.25 to 3.5 bay adapter and the cover for it that came with my case. The only downside I see with the Vantec model is the material of construction - it looks to be plastic. If you are constantly swapping drives look to the plastic to break after a...
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    How to make Bootcamp (Windows + macOS)?

    If you have one OS installed and are about to install another OS on a different HDD/SSD, disconnect the drive for the already installed OS before installing the second OS. This is especially important if you installed Mac or Linux first and are going to install Win7 or Win10. They have been...
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    install mac on acer aspire 8930g near windows and linux

    Best to post in the Laptop forum for help with laptops. IIRC thee are several Acer Aspire threads with different models - use your model in the forum search engine - hint: click on spy glass in upper right corner of screen in grey command bar.
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    [Solved] Compiling FakeSMC

    In order for source code to run you need to compile it to create the .kext file. You then install the .kext file in your system, repair permissions and rebuild your caches. This can be done manually, or place the kext on your desktop and run the kext install app of your choice and it...
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    Keyboard Recommendation

    I use a logitech K750 for Mac with OS X and a K750 Windows version for Win7 and Win10, along with an M570 trackball. All 3 are connected to the same RF dongle using the Unifying software. I turn off the Mac version when running Windows and turn off the Windows version / turn on the Mac version...
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    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    Good to hear. Is Clover working for you now?
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    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    My crystal being in the shop I have no way of telling since you do not follow the forum rules about hardware and your profile and / or sig. Got no idea what BIOS / UEFI you are running.