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    LGA1155 Mobo with Thunderbolt?

    Your best bet would be one of the Asus P8Z77 boards that have the thunderbolt header to allow connection to the Asus Thunderbolt PCIe expansion card if you can find either one still on the market. You can only get TB2 - TB3 did not come out until Skylake and by the Z77/1155 were obsolete. Check...
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    Guide: Multibooting UEFI on Separate Drives

    Sound as if Win10 was not properly installed UEFI mode. If Win10 installs UEFI mode there are 4 partitions Partition 1 = Recovery Partition 2 = EFI Partition 3 = Microsoft Reserved (MSR) Partition 4 = Primary Partition (C:\)
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    Guide: Multibooting UEFI on Separate Drives

    Have you disabled CSM in BIOS/UEFI?
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    Guide: Multibooting UEFI on Separate Drives

    Do you have an EFI partition on the Win10 drive? Did you disconnect the Mac OS drive while installing Win10? Does the icon in Clover have the Win10 drive labeled as Boot Windows EFI from EFI? If not, what is the label on the Win10 icon?
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    LEGACY build, High Sierra & Win 10: Win 10 won't boot from clover?

    The problem is not Clover - it is Win10. While Win10 will boot on a legacy build, it was primarily developed for UEFI booting.
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    Multibooting Legacy & UEFI Operating Systems

    @Methanoid Have you tried this solution?
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    Boot Screen Frozen at Apple logo After setting up Linux mint

    You cannot trash the EFI partition unless you reformat the drove or use a command line disk management tool to delete the partition. You can trash the EFI folder in the EFI partition if you want. Back it up first before you delete it. You would then need to reinstall Clover and the EFI Grub boot...
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    Really need advice here.

    There is a listing on Dortania site. Basically, any Keplar or Maxwell based 600/700/Titan GPUs or some of the Quadro K series cards for workstations. You can get a 750TI off Amazon for under $200, but from your description of what you are using it for, the NVS 510 for just over $150 would do the job
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    Boot Screen Frozen at Apple logo After setting up Linux mint

    Check your Mac OS drive EFI partition for a Linux folder. If you selected the EFI partition to install Grub UEFI mode then it usually installs in the active EFI partition, which would probably be the Mac OS drive ESP.
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    Upgrading 6 year old Goldenbuild for more graphics power and newer OSx

    There is a section on Dortania on what nVidia GPUs are still supported. You can still pick up a Quadro K6000 for about USD$700 which might work better for you than the 770 if you want to upgrade.
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    Problem installing W10 on 2010 iMac

    This is a problem you should take to the Mac forums.
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    GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 2.0) Mojave

    It could be because Mac OS cannot identify your RAM sticks correctly. This is what mine look like:
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    GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 2.0) Mojave

    No idea what is causing it then unless it is something in the BIOS settings of the GA board.
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    GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 2.0) Mojave

    Are you using triple channel RAM?
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    GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 2.0) Mojave

    @texviler No idea why your RAM speed is misreported. How are the 6 sticks shown in System Information? If you restored from a "real" MacPro 5,1 backup, what is the RAM speed on the "real" Mac?