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    Windows 10 Boot Fails in Dual Boot from Clover - if IGPU enabled

    @tecemac Can you install Mac OS with iGPU enabled and boot reliably? When you install Win10 with iGPU enabled it boots OK, yes? Then when you boot with Clover and select Win10 to boot it will not work? If true, check Clover config.plist graphics settings.
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    Dual booting using Clover on a real Mac

    Try installing whatevergreen.kext and lilu.kext in L/E and see if that will enable the RX580 at the boot screen. Use KextBeast to install so you have the choice to install them in L/E (kext wizard only installs to S/L/E - no choice there) then repair permissions and rebuild caches, reboot.
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    HSierra + Mojave on same drive?

    @BFACTOR Yes, this is practical. You only need the latest Clover on a single drive as the boot loader, and, yes, you will need different kexts, but it is better to install them in L/E than to leave them in Clover/kexts. If you must leave them in Clover/kexts folder make sure the 10.13.kexts...
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    Dual booting using Clover on a real Mac

    @zirkaiva If you want to use a bootloader on a real Mac, why not use rEFIt or rEFInd? These were developed specifically for Macs and Clover is based on these, but is specifically made for booting PC hardware without the ROM chip on the mainboard that Macs have. Using Clover on a Mac is, as...
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    cant find mach_kernel

    you can open it in text edit or using xcode or any other .plist editor you favor.
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    Add whatevergreen.kext and lilu.kext to your installer Clover/kexts/other folder or the 10.14 folder so your RX580 will work.
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    Guide: MultiBooting UEFI

    yes, but best to use the latest Clover because the later versions of Mac OS (10.14.x and later) may not boot or boot to black screen with the older versions of Clover. Best practice is to update Clover before running update on latest version Mac OS. You may also need to update whatevergreen.kext...
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    windows and macOS is conflicting

    This is a common problem when the Windows drive is not connected to the first port the UEFI scans as the system boots up. Windows wants to be FIRST ALWAYS. The way to avoid this problem is to make sure the Win10 drive is connected to the first port the system scans for presence of a drive...
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    Windows 10 Installer USB will not boot on new hackintosh

    Are you attempting to install on same drive or separate?
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    Just updated to 10.14.4 Beta (18e184e) and all is working well. Updated Clover to latest Legacy build in forum downloads along with latest lilu.kext and whatevergreen.kext first and the update went smoothly.
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    APFS format works well on SSDs, but not on HDDs. I am currently running Mojave with APFS. Use the latest Legacy Clover build r4862-Legacy download from the forum - It already has patches needed in config.plist if you do...
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    There is no guide specific to the x58- in the menu bar. At the top of the forum is a button "Installation Guide". Click that button and there is the guide to installing Mojave. Click on the Guides button and select the 10.6 Installation guide and you fine it gives you the BIOS settings necessary...
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    I followed the procedure in the forum guide. No helper card or specific boot args at all - just whatevergreen.kext and lilu.kext in L/E (or Clover/kexts/other to begin with).
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    why can't I enter to system of Mojave?

    Try installing on separate drives with the Win10 drive disconnected and see if that may be the problem.
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    X58A-UD7+i7-920 and Mojave

    PunkNugget and this member are a pair of the few that I have seen successfully install on EVGA X58 systems. Try following their procedures to install and see what happens.