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    [Guide] 2015 X1 Carbon Yosemite

    Thanks for the great details. I've been meaning to install 10.13 one of these days, and this should help me. I put a bunch of details and code for 10.11 at which is also somewhere in the forums. Once I catch up, I'll do a rev.
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    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA for El Capitan

    Probably following the guide in the OP: "This guide does not cover the subject, but a good choice for ProductName is MacBookAir7,2." All I got out of the MacBook board-id back when I tried it was trouble, because of things like the frequency vectors--the machine is highly tuned for power and...
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    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA for El Capitan

    The latest Clover has a necessary fix for newer kernels on certain CPUs (eg Broadwell). Could you try installing new Clover to a thumb drive and see if that can boot the machine?
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    [Guide] Using Clover to "hotpatch" ACPI

    Yeah, you can specify multiple .aml files to, and it dumps them all separately to a destination directory if the directory is given. Agreed. I still think people who are building config.plists for multiple machines are probably focusing on one machine at a time; I was. So...
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    [Guide] Using Clover to "hotpatch" ACPI

    People working on hotpatching may find my utilities useful. checks how many times a patch applies (zero is bad). It also can produce the results of hot-patching DSDT.aml, so you can examine them in iASL or in a hex...
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    [Solved] Security Update 2017-003 El Capitan

    The version of Clover available on Sourceforge now includes this fix.
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    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA for El Capitan

    I think there is a very limited set of machines that can render above 4k. The iMac 5K is the only one that comes to mind, and that has discrete video. I have a 2560x1440 13" screen, so I need some kind of scaling. Retina renders stuff at double rez. I am not willing to run at 1280x720 logical...
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    [README] 10.11.6 security update 2017-003

    Thank you. This Clover update lets me install the 2017-03 update on my i5-5200U.
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    El Capitan on Lenovo X1 Carbon

    I'm starting to wonder whether the "black screen until power button pressed" symptom we were seeing was *also* the fault of a bad connector table.
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    [Solved] Security Update 2017-003 El Capitan

    Could somebody move this thread to the OS X Updates forum? That's where I would look first, not in installation.
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    [Solved] Security Update 2017-003 El Capitan

    You can guess why I'm here. This update worked fine on one machine (Gigabyte Z87 mATX i7-4770K iGPU) which gave me enough confidence to break the Thinkpad X1 Carbon gen 3 (full details of EFI config in github). Quick summary: i5-5200U, 8G, settable video ram size. 2560x1440 display on eDP, so...
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    Acer C720 i3 Chromebook Continued Work (SUCESS-ish)

    Thanks for adding that--I forgot I should spread the news here after your guide worked so well for me!
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    [README] Common (some unsolved) Problems in 10.12 Sierra

    This sounds a lot like what I saw on the 800MHz Core M on 10.11, before we had the right platform-id and the right connector mapping. My best theory at the time was that the jerkiness was that the eDP display wasn't really "plugged in" properly according to the connector map, and the GPU was...
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    macOS10.12.4 Wake up black screen(Only backlight)

    My Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 3 (2560x1440) has a similar problem, where I get backlight but an all-black-pixel display. I noticed that if I left it there long enough, the backlight would turn off (energy saver). And then I could press Shift or something to wake it from the screen blanker, and have...
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    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA for El Capitan

    BTW, I am still alive. I figured I would wait for the first pioneers to the sierra to get the arrows shot in their backs before plunging in again....