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    Audio output seemingly OK, but no actual sound

    Mojave here. After the usual post-installation struggling with the ever-problematic SB X-Fi Titanium I was finally able to make it work with a modified VoodooHDA kext, with 5.1 sound and everything. But my joy lasted only for half an hour. After installing eqMac2 equalizer I lost the 5.1 sound...
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    Custom GUI entries in Clover kill 10.13. High Sierra AUDIO

    Were you able to resolve your issue? I think I may have exactly the same thing happening in Mojave. The OS behaves as if there's no problem with the audio, the volume, the outputs and everything, but I don't hear the actual sound. I also play around with Clover's GUI options quite extensively...
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    << Solved >> Full Clover package installation after MultiBeast

    Thanks, I'll proceed with the installation then.
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    << Solved >> Full Clover package installation after MultiBeast

    Sorry, complete noob here, first post and everything. Please bear with me. I have a working UEFI Win10/Ubuntu/Mojave multiboot setup. Took me a good week of trial and error until I got everything up and running, so you would understand my being cautious not to screw up anything. I used...