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    DVMT is 128MB still get kernel panic without 32mb patch

    Note the very quiet use of the word 'fictitious'.
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    980 Ti / MacPro 3.1 - 4k image too small, can't see recovery mode screen

    If it can see the option boot it can see everything: option boot is EFI and mac flashed cards are only flashed specifically to see EFI. It is more likely that a 2008 Mac does not have a recovery drive, especially if it has not been wiped for years. You can try CMD SHIFT R for Internet Recovery...
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    Losing Thunderbolt after a shutdown

    You need a DSDT fix on your Thunderbolt controller. I'm not your guy for that, but you'll need to post a DSDT for it because it's not something Clover is going to have preset edits to fix. Essentially your board isn't turning off your device completely, else it would turn back on perfectly. If...
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    Crashes without warning

    If you have an APFS formatted drive, run "trimforce disable" in terminal before anything, just in case. If you have a HFS drive or your TRIM is already disabled, most likely it is file corruption. Hackintoshes are quite sensitive to things like power outages compared to your standard PC. Try...
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    [WARNING] Clover will break your REAL Mac, use with caution

    3 things to observe about this because I'm a 2012 old hat. 1. Apple uses EFI 1.1 standard. UEFI is based on EFI 2.0 standard. This does not make them compatible (the complete opposite actually), but it does make them able to kind of understand each other. This is why one can break the other so...
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    [Solved] BIOS can's see any bootloaders after changing Hackintosh case

    My first thought is that you may have an offset problem. This has occurred to me before in your situation, with a mobo that slightly warped to match my Cooler Master Storm Scout case. It and your case warp together due to heat and soft metal casing, then when you swap to a new case, your solder...
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    macOS 10.12.6 Security Update (2018-002)

    The recommendation is because non-native AMD GPUs use a hard switching driver, for which setting up is a matter of trial and error and often non trivial (AMD Framebuffers use internal reference GPU names so theres a few per GPU design for mfr to pick from. The only way to know which your Brand...
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    [Solved] is ASM1042a natively supported in Sierra/High Sierra?

    It's not going to be natively supported due to it's Taiwan origin, however the site says it supports UASP and Mac OS so either it will be "native" but only post-boot via a HID style plug and play driver, or it will have supported drivers on thier website. The reason I say "native" is that due...
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    ACPI Dynamic OEM table load error/Waiting for DSMOS/Horrible performance

    DSDT btw. IntelMausi kext instead of your current driver. Make sure there are no duplicate HWsensors plugins/FakeSMC inside the actual HWSensors kext (using show contents), of there are delete the ones outside, not inside. This is due to new versions moving the location of the files. There may...
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    Idling for 10 minutes causes Sierra to lag/freeze for a couple of minutes

    "I had this problem on High Sierra and fixed it with this terminal command: sudo rm /System/Library/LaunchAgents/" This is not a true solution. It's avoiding the problem. Mediaanalysisd is a machine learning system process that scans your photos and adds what it...
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    Compatibility x5 workstation?

    Absolutely. Have a look here and follow the guide for your ASUS motherboard. You will probably find it advantageous to use Web Drivers so I caution you that you're currently best off sticking below 10.13.2 as Nvidia's latest drivers are very buggy for non-Mac patched GPUs in your class, and...
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.0 (378.

    Confirming that Hacks do stress parts more than they are usually, and it's pretty across the board. HFS results in more data wear than NTFS. I have RMA'd a 3930k due to TSC errrors after running without PM for a year or so. That's the part of the CPU VoodooTSCSync (which hasn't been updated...
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    Generic intel M-ATX x79 board - Xeon e5-4617

    I actually just lost my second x79-up4 and was looking at doing the very same thing. I will probably buy a board such as this and get started next month but the truth is I'm not expecting it to work without a lot of help, and this is coming from someone who has maintained the complicated UP4...
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    End Of MacOS on Intel?

    Honestly I don't get what everyone is so worried about. This is HACKintosh after all. Look, there will be a 2019 MBP because they are on yearly cycle. That MBP will have to sport an Intel processor, and that processor will have to support at least the next 3 versions of macOS. Simple. That gives...
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    Need help in purchasing CPU - Intel i7 vs Intel Xeon

    You can absolutely run Xeons in Hackintoshes, however it is not without drawbacks. Firstly, when socket 771 was around, you could use a pin mod to seat it in socket 775 motherboards and it worked perfectly; that was how similar a Xeon motherboard was to it's consumer counterpart. Now, they have...