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    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    Hello, is this thread still active? I have problem with HDMI Port on my laptop. When i connect external monitor (using HDMI to VGA) to the laptop, laptop screen will be blank but not hapen to ext. monitor. Laptop screen will be fixed when the lid closed and open. This problem only exist when...
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    Intel Wireless AC-3168NGW Replacement/Alternate [READ THREAD]

    i'm using DW1820A, work PnP but to activate 5GHz you need to use Lilu + AirportBrcmFixup the bluetooth can fixed with BrcmPatchRAM2, but my CPU always throttling, so i disable bluetooth
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    Solved > Skylake i7-6500U minimum CPU frequency

    you can change LFM from your SMBIOS with FreqVectorEdit by Piker-Alpha, if your CPU not available on the setting, just add yours with data from ark intel... worked for me, my CPU is i3-6006U, lowest frequency mode at 400MHz but SMBIOS MacBookPro 13,2 only 1300MHz
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    [Guide] Native Power Management for Laptops

    I have a problem with lowest frequency, on AppleIntelInfo say my CPU Low Frequency Mode 400MHz, but CPU P-States just stuck on 13 (is that mean 1300MHz?) my notebook produce more heat than usual, hope anyone can help me. i'm using Acer E5-476G with i3-6006U processor, this i provided...