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    Empty PCI list - System Report

    Pavo, Seems like this could be a full time job for you :)... I need some help with mine. May I draw upon your generosity to help with mine as well? I hope you are still there and have not been swamped with others requests. My hack is working like a champ with the exception of not being able to...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 recommended Bios Settings & flags

    I have searched until my eyes are bleeding...trying to find how to get my GA-Z87-HD3 pci ports to be recognized. Even went to Hackintool to view all the details of the PCI slots, and created a patch there...but ****!...I don't want to brick my nicely running High Sierra install. Can anyone point...
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    [SUCCESS] StreetRacer's first Hackintosh: GA-Z87-HD3 - i5 4670 - Intel HD4600

    UPDATE: I found somewhere in this string that one person abandoned the High Sierra route and went back to Sierra where he had no problems. I took the cue and went to a Sierra install and it went great, first time ...maybe later I will try some of the other hill climbs that are a bit more...
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    [SUCCESS] StreetRacer's first Hackintosh: GA-Z87-HD3 - i5 4670 - Intel HD4600

    Street Racer, I was having all kinds of troubles and no kind of successes...then read your post thoroughly and found you were working with a later version of the BIOS firmware. So I updated and followed your settings carefully and voila! I finally got some traction...ran the High Sierra...
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    Unable to disable VT-D, Help please

    Hi guys...I have the GA-87K-HD3 w/i4770, GTX 770; and gratified to see that I don't have to worry about the VT-d issue...but I am still trying to find out how to get to verbose mode (High Sierra unibeast installer) when I hit the USB install. It freezes up about half way through with Apple logo...
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    USB 3.0 on Gigabyte UEFI Motherboards- XHCI Mode Explained

    I have similar hardware and done a few hackmacs in my life...but I am having very little success in this round. You should see my hardware profile below...which seems to fit right in the main stream of compatible hardware. I get tantalizingly close with the Apple logo and progress bar and then...