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    Help P-States not working on i3-6100T

    Hi, I successfully installed Mojave 10.14.2 on Lenovo m700 Tiny. However, I get only three CPU states. I use the latest Clover with PluginType enabled. Dump from AppleIntelInfo.kext logMSRs..................................: 1 logIGPU..................................: 1...
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 Users

    Hi, forum mates are there any ThinkCentre E73 users here that tried installing mac os? Particularly, I am looking for an already made DSDT/ SSDT (i3 4130) for the Lenovo mobo. Cheers
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    nVidia GTS250 and OS X- Not Good

    Hello, tomymacx86 users! I have recently purchased a brand new GTS250, but it does not work as smooth as it should on my hackintosh build. Examples: 1. Switching between "General", "Labels", "Sidebar", "Advanced" tabs in Finder preferences pane is absolutely choppy/ not smooth 2...
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    [Guide] Add your custom retina / HiDPI resolution for your desktop display

    You can enable pixel compression on a normal monitor to be able to visualize HDPi resolutions. In simple words, if your monitor has maximum resolution of 1920x1080, your HDPi correct resolution will be 960x540... nothing more, nothing less! By the way, you can achieve this by downloading Xcode...
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    Intel HD2500 on OS X Lion 10.7.5

    It is interesting, because I have no translucent bar etc. (no Quartz) but the only graphics lag appears when I open Launchpad. Everything else, such as Genie effect, open window animations are quite smooth. I am able to play 1080p movie on youtube and localy, using Quicktime.
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    Intel HD2500 on OS X Lion 10.7.5

    Hello, tonymacx86 users I am currently trying to get Intel HD2500 working on my hackintosh setup. I have Mac OS X 10.7.5 and the lastest release of Chimera. I am aware of the fact that only 10.8.3 and above systems support Intel HD2500, but I noticed something very interesting. I am using...