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    ( SUCCESS ! ) Asrock H61M-DGS / Geforce GT 610 / Intel Celeron G1620

    Hello, could you put the bios setting please and what bios model it is, thank you
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    Clover working well on GA Z77X-UP4 TH

    Hello, could you tell me what version of bios you are using and if you could put photos of the bios as is set, thanks
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    MSI Z370 PC PRO - Intel Core i7 8700K - GTX 1060 6GB

    Hello, would you have a MultiBeast photo that you installed? Or a description of the installation and the post installation. THX
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    Random White Screen Boots and Shutdown Hangs.

    Hi, could you tell me which guide you used to install Yosemite your Studio XPS 435t / 9000? Thank you
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    For developers on Mac systems, click here to read a known limitation. Xcode 8 is not currently supported with the CUDA Toolkit 8 compiler for Mac. We are working on providing an update shortly. Until then, the developers should use Xcode 7.x with the CUDA Toolkit 8 for compiling their code on...
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    What Speakers Do You Use?

    this is my personal sound system!!!!
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    MultiBeast 6.2 Update

    Multibeast is the beast tool!!!!
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    boot0 Error: The Official Guide

    for resource busy error try rdisk0s2 works for me