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    Mojave Intel HD 530

    When I was using dual monitors I had to plug one in first and wait for full boot to plug in the second. I am on a GA-Z170N-WIFI it has two HDMI ports.
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    Recommended starting OSX for building GA-Z170N-Wifi machine

    I have the GA Z170N Wifi board and in Sierra I had everything working except WiFi but in Mojave not much luck with setting up the on board 530 graphics, no HDMI sound output. Still working on solutions.
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    [Success] twobit2354's Sky Lake MITX: GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 - i7-6700K - GTX 980ti - Sierra - 4K

    You mention to install the Dell Wifi Drivers but I am not having any luck locating how to install that. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    (SuccesFul) Gigabyte Z170N-WIFI - Customac mini - first timer!

    This method worked flawless. Once I switched from a 2.0 HDMI to a 1.4 it quit trying to auto select 4k. I also ran the clover HDMI-120 on each HDMI port the bottom showed as x5 and the top one showed as x6, inserting the DP to HDMI on each, otherwise the audio would not work. Now HDMI Audio...