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    Is Catalina Stable Enough to Upgrade?

    Yes. Beta upgrade went smoothly.
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    Update Directly to macOS Catalina

    For all with update issues. Make bootable install USB, wipe your drive, and clean install Catalina, than copy your data from time machine or other backup. In my case it was only solution.
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    AHCIPort problem in Catalina

    Just installed Catalina on HDD beside my SSD Mojave. Was working fine, but after booting to Mojave , I cannot boot to Catalina anymore. Attached KP report. I mention that I migrated my programs and settings from Mojave and all was working until boot to Mojave again.Any advice?
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    Updating to 10.15.1 Results in Endless Rebooting

    I was trying with different Clover and kexts update from 10.14.6 to 10.15.1. All attempts ended at 9 min left on endless boot cycle with kernel panic. Use Clover 5097 and latest kexts updated by hackintool in Efi /clover/kexts/other. Any advice how to solve this issue?. Previous Mojave...
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    Update Directly to macOS Catalina

    Simply copy your efi folder from usb to main hd efi overriding it. Please inform why use 4961 and not 5071? Sorry, latest release available is 5096.
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    Update Directly to macOS Catalina

    In my opinion we must wait for new Whatevergreen and Lilu kexts. Maye be they fix the problem.
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    Update Directly to macOS Catalina

    May be installation from USB as clean install can resolve this issue. Anyone tried?
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    Direct Update to Catalina Results in Looping

    Hi, I have uptaded clover, kexts, and tried to update from Mojave 10.14.6. Everything go smooth till 9 min left. On this final restart cannot boot to macOS drive as it restarts in loop. Any advice?
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    cpu upgrade

    Thx for advice. Checked with compatibility chart on Asus page. Seem that 7700 will be fine. So must return cpu to seller.
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    cpu upgrade

    Just trying to upgrade CPU from core i3-6100 to i7-8700. Computer do not start. When switch on cooler rotates few times and goes on stby. Any advice?
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    Random browsing freeze

    Still have same issues with random safari or pdf preview browsing freeze. It happens on some web or pdf pages always but in different places. Hackintosh stops responding and freeze. Only solution is restart. No kernel panic brother report is generated.Use 530 Intel graphic only and have no...
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    Safeforcewake IGPU crashes

    I assume old kexts in S/L/E and L/E caused the problems. Removing all old kexts more than 1 year solved this issue. Also remove any kexts which you have already in clover/kexts.
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    Freeze in Safari (Mojave 10.14.3) - Help?

    In Safari preferences enable Debug, Then check Disable composing Flags and Disable Canvas Accelerated Drawing. It helps and reduces freezing.
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    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    When unchecked is wrong reading , but when checked 3 looks OK I assume.
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    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    I mean that when I open Hackintool and set Framebuffer to Mojave, the program should read data from my IOreg. In fact stolen memory data are different as well as connectors data. This happens with and without apply patch.