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    Post Your Dock

    Wow, this thread had been dormant for 2 years until I revived it again in October - seems to be going strong again since then. My first post in this thread was April 2012 (profile says 2014 because lost password) - its been one hell of a journey but I'm still on (basically) the same machine...
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    Post Your Dock

    I'm back with my 2012 hackintosh Dock and my Catalina 2019 dock, basically the same machine: GA-Z68MA-D2h-B3 1.3 - (Died 2017) -replaced with: GA-B75M-D3H 1.1 core i3 2120 - Replaced in 2013 with : core i7 3770 AMD HD5750 - replaced in 2018 with: Radeon R9 390 Still running the original 8GB of...
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    Name the Next macOS (10.13)

    To go to 11 now after all this time I feel like it would need a whole new OS, a new milestone, but we all know this will just be a feature update, 10.13 is far more likely. (new emoji anyone?) Although, having said that, with Windows now locked into the number 10 for the foreseeable future and...
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    Can you turn Mac drive into Hackintosh drive?

    If you had access to another mac (or working hackintosh) you could either create a unibeast drive or a usb with clover installed to use to boot into the drive Or simply connect your drive to another mac (or hack) and install clover to it. Then you would be able to boot the drive inside a PC...
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    Any hopes for a HD4000?

    Yea mine shows the same
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    Any hopes for a HD4000?

    You have a mixed configuration, like me. 6-Series (z68) motherboard with 7-series cpu (i7-3770/HD4000). Try here: The instructions there are for editing the plists...
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    Unibeast quit unexpectedly

    How far did it get? Mine quit unexpectedly after a long time creating the drive but it still worked just fine anyway. Maybe i just got lucky?
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    Stop the popping in (High) Sierra

    Thank you. This was driving me nuts
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    Apple Releases macOS Sierra 'Golden Master' GM Candidate to Beta Testers

    Worked fine for me, download via App Store, install and reboot. No USB or clean install needed if you want top upgrade
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    Having Trouble Updating to Sierra from El Capitan

    You'll need to use a different System Definition, I think the one you are using is for a mac that isn't supported in Sierra. I used iMac14,2 and have had no problems. I was told to avoid Mac Pro definitions, im sure somebody can explain it better
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    macOS Sierra Public Beta 7 is Now Available

    After returning from work it seems my Safari rendering issues are still present, so back to Chrome for me. Also Mail, iTunes and Terminal all failed to load. Mail and Terminal seem okay again after a quick reboot, but iTunes still failing and producing a 'Problem Report' that mentions...
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    macOS Sierra Public Beta 7 is Now Available

    All went well. Audio stayed working after the update. Things seems smoother this time around. Seems to have fixed some issues I was having with Safari not rendering web-pages fully and leaving empty gaps that sometimes reappeared when i moused over or highlighted the surrounding text.
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    OS X 10.11.1 Update

    EDIT: fixed the graphics problem.. But since the update my /System folder has become hidden... Strange because this hasnt happened on my macbook pro after the same update Anyone else lose their /System folder today?
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    Help choosing replacement for dead motherboard

    [SOLVED] Help choosing replacement for dead motherboard was using the Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 with i3-2120, but just got a new i7-3770 killed the motherboard so need a replacement compatible with my existing parts no problems when using the i3 but headaches with the i7 (sandy/ivy bridge...
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    New Chimera Winter theme!

    good stuff thanks!