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    New Clover Release v5.1 r5123/4/5/6/7 - Big Sur Support

    I got same error: "Cannot find DisableIoMapper in config.plist/Quirks. You forgot to merge your quirks into one section. Undate your config.plist..." I wonder which one we should merge with and DidableIoMapper does not exist in 5123 Quirks, did they forgot to add it in quirks?
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    Can't Install Big Sur Public Beta1 > Need Help

    the installer boots and installs but at 12 minutes remaining it stall and computer freezes. all what I got in the target drive is a folder MacOS install. I got OpenCore 0.60 I have been like that for 1 week now
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    Can't Install Big Sur Public Beta1 > Need Help

    Tried to install Big Sur public beta1 but, the installer stuck at 12 minutes remaining and keyboard, mouse freeze I have Z390 Prime A, any help will be appreciated
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    macOS Catalina 10.15.0 Supplemental Update

    hi and congrats but, where is the link for Supplemental Update?? All what I got 10.15.1 b2 from soft updates.
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    i7 8700k | asus prime z370-a | 1080 ti

    yes you can install High Sierra on Z370 Prime A
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    AppleALC.kext_v1.3.5 Preview/Testers needed

    I got it all working as you mentioned with layout 1
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    AppleALC.kext_v1.3.5 Preview/Testers needed

    Do not look at my profile as is now I have many builds and build2 was P8z77-v le and the latest is z390 Prime A
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    AppleALC.kext_v1.3.5 Preview/Testers needed

    I have the same mobo as you, I installed all... the latest Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra etc, etc..... I think it supports ALC889
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    AppleALC.kext_v1.3.5 Preview/Testers needed

    it is working super Toleda with layout 1.. now I have: internel Speakers Line out Audio line-out port Line out Audio line-out port Digital Out Optical digital-out port internal Microphone Built-in Line in Audio line-in port thanks a lot
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    AppleALC.kext_v1.3.5 Preview/Testers needed

    ok I will try it now
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    AppleALC.kext_v1.3.5 Preview/Testers needed

    1-Thanks a lot 2- I have Asus Z390 Prime A 3-i got ALC S1220A and working super with digital out I am using layout 3 and 5.1 audio
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    Z390 and i7-8700K - any successful builds?

    I have Z390 Plus Gaming (WiFi). It is fully working including shutdown and restart/sleep... Z390 Plus Gaming (WiFi) Intel i3-8100 3.6GHz Nvidia GT 1030
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    Update Directly to macOS Mojave

    Same here vicrod74 I have on my HP laptop HD 4600 and works great with intel hd
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    [SUCCESS] Ongoing Status of Designare Z390 with i7-9700K

    Thank you mate, I just got a fully working Asus Z390 Plus Gaming(wifi) I have been looking for shutdown/restart fix for about a month... thank you again and again