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    asrock z68 pro3 frozen after unibeast install

    First of all, I am experiencing the exact same behavior with the exact same board as you. I've been continuously trying to get a stable system working again since last week when I noticed the same described behavior. Although I still consider myself new to the hackintosh world. I built up the...
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    Welcome to the new HP Probook 4530s Subforum :)

    Bought a 4530s (XU015UT#ABA) used my current hackPro desktop to create a Unibeast Lion USB and followed blueking Install procedure. wah-laa HackbookPro with almost everything working, splendid. Actually just gave it away as a Christmas gift to a close friend in need of a laptop with the obvious...
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    Post your GEEKBENCH scores!

    After seeing a few other scores, I feel like I should be doing better than this. I scored 8383 with my i5-2500 Hackintosh running lion 10.7.2. I don't have the paid version of Geekbench though so it forced me to run at 32 bit. I'm assuming that in 64 bit mode, it would score better. It's...