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    Does macOS 10.14.x Need to Match MultiBeast?

    I see now, my apologies. Thanks for taking the time. :thumbup:
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    Does macOS 10.14.x Need to Match MultiBeast?

    Thanks MacMan. As Mojave 10.14.1 is unavailable, do we have an ETA on the next version of MultiBeast for Mojave 10.14.3?
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    Does macOS 10.14.x Need to Match MultiBeast?

    Hello, I have wondered this for some time now, but how important is it to use the supported version of macOS with MultiBeast? It has become difficult or impossible to download Mojave 10.14.1, for example, since Apple pulls the old version from the App Store. Should I wait for a new version of...
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    macOS 10.14.2 Update

    It is worlds smoother. I recently dumped my 980 Ti for a Vega 64 and as soon as I installed it and turned it on, the whole UI was smoother. The ATI driver must leverage Metal better or the Nvidia driver is still a laggy bugfest, not sure which. The RX 580 would probably be a great upgrade from a...
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    Radeon RX 590

    I have been watching this super closely... I want to try the 590 but not sure I want to be a pioneer. The card is basically the same as the 580 with a die-shrink, but I'm not sure that macOS will be able to identify it and load the driver correctly... 580 prices may also stay the same and push...
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    Introducing the macOS Mojave Critter!

    Top-notch work as always! My favorite is still Mavericks, so cute.
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    [SUCCESS] Z170X-UD5 TH, i7-6700K, AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100, 64GB DDR4

    Great information, thanks @apple pic. Did creating the custom SSDT fix your sleep issue? I have almost the same build, darkwake=0 seems to work the best with this mobo, although sometimes the system won't wake up and gets stuck at BIOS code 55 which is usually a memory initialization failure...
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    USB drives Not Properly Ejected on wake from sleep. [Yet another solution but this one is free!]

    Wow, good find! I could never get the fixes here to work, and that would explain why. I won't be disabling XMP (it works great) so I guess that settles it for me.
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    Strange kernel_task behavior (constant 70% usage)

    Hey guys, I can't figure this one out. My kernel_task is consistently using 68-72% of my CPU. I upgraded to High Sierra thinking that would fix it, but it didn't. My system is responsive and it's running fine, but it really bothers me that almost an entire core is always being used! I've...
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    Fix for failure NVIDIA Web Driver on High Sierra, black screen, panics.

    Have you tried the fix method? That works for me and I'm running iMac 17,1. If you are using that method, you must set CsrActiveConfig back to 0x67 before restarting with the NVIDIA Web Drivers. I suspect this is because macOS realizes you have tampered with a kext by running...
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    980 Ti Kingpin

    Indeed the KPE works great! I just picked one up myself. Don't forget to use the tonymacx86 referral link.
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Welp, I literally just bought a 980 Ti KPE a couple of days ago. No regrets though, I couldn't be more excited for our community. :clap:
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    You beat me to it. This is big, BIG news for the Hackintosh community. Here's an excerpt from Phil Schiller (emphasis mine): This means GPUs, guys. Big, hot, fast, expensive GPUs. :headbang: This could explain why Nvidia has been silent about Pascal support.
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Yeah, admittedly it's not a good choice. I do all of my gaming in macOS. When I built my rig I knew it would have a lot of caveats but so far it has been awesome. Even with my lowly 750 Ti I can run a lot of games on max. I figure if I get a few years out of the 980 Ti, by then I can add a...
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Personally, I think we are at the end of an era. The writing is on the wall for Nvidia on the Mac. Nvidia will continue to focus on its strengths, which do not align at all with Apple's custom silicon, custom graphics API, emphasis on OpenCL or its partnership with arch-rival Intel. Even in the...