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    No such file or directory when updating to Catalina 15.3

    Hello, I have just built a working Hackintosh after many months of work. I have installed macOS Catalina with the guide of this page. Everything seems to work but when I try to update to macOS Catalina 10.15.3, I restart the computer and when I enter to the update partition that creates from...
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    [SOLVED] "Please go to to report this panic" after updating to High Sierra

    I have he same problem but I don't know how to solve it. I've entered on my config.plist but I don't know how to save this problem. Can you please help me? I will be very grateful. I've uploaded my clover folder. I hope you can answer me and resolve my problem. I've had this problem since I...
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    My Hackintosh gets stuck when turning off or rebooting it

    I've recently created my Hackintosh pc with macOs Mojave. Y downloaded the drivers on Multibeast and my Hackintosh was working perfectly, but when I turn it off or reboot it, it starts loading (the normal load that makes every Mac when it is turning off), but in stead of loading and then turning...