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    [Solved] Mojave 10.14.1 shutdown problem (h370)

    Thanks Mate, I followed your solution and got my shutdown fixed, cheers:headbang:
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    Boot with USB plug-in won't be recognized until unplug & re-plugin

    Not sure this is just me. I have my Mojave upgraded to 10.14.1, and by using @RehabMan customized DSDT method. All working fine, until I reboot it with USB drive plugged in. USB drive won't be mounted automatically, I have to unplug in then re-plug back in to have it shown. Please help...
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    [SOLVED] 10.14.1 USB issues

    Follow the instruction, got my customized DSDT built up and attached below. I dial back to 10.14.0 to get this done, and it can run properly with that disable string in config.list. Will try to upgrade to 10.14.1 in a while. Update: Successfully upgrade to 10.14.1, and all USB3 functioning...
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    [SOLVED] 10.14.1 USB issues

    After upgrading to 10.14.1, my hackintosh will function like following problem and or symptoms: 1. After boot up, only one front USB port showing up as USB3, the other at front, and four on the back USB3 not able to mount the disk; 2. If I have a sleep then wake up, all USB3 ports become normal...
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    XHC USB Kext Creation Guideline

    Just a quick question, is Xcode really required or plist editor enough? Will dive into this guideline and try to fix my USB issue.
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    macOS 10.14.1 Update

    Me too. The whole update process was smooth, everything else is fine. Edited: Had one sleep and woke up with USB functioning... weird.
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    Mojave and GA-Z87X-UD5H compatibility

    I have different MB but close to yours, I followed the link below quick and dirty. Only problem will be your 1050Ti.
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    [Solved] GA Z87N Wifi, Sierra Success?

    Been using Mojave for a while, pretty stable. Loving it.
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    [Guide] GA-Z87N-WiFi / i5 / GTX 750 Ti / 10.13.6 (High Sierra)

    Now I am in Mojave... have some random panic issues here and there. Nothing major.
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    Success! Gigabyte z370 Aorus Gaming 5, gtx 1050

    Follow the instruction, I have mine on Mojave now. Thanks a lot:headbang::headbang::headbang: First snapshot from H/S, second from Mojave. So far everything works, ethernet, wifi, sound, shutdown/sleep.... Except the USB, Trim support... I guess I need to inject some code to config.plist...
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    [Guide] GA-Z87N-WiFi / i5 / GTX 750 Ti / 10.13.6 (High Sierra)

    Follow the instruction, get H/S installed yesterday. Thanks a lot. Also got CUDA driver thing resolved, But noticed USB3.0 issue. Looking for solution now.... Updated: USB issue solved through instruction: Patch to Config.list...
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    [Solved] GA Z87N Wifi, Sierra Success?

    HS is done today as well, woohooo....
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    [Solved] GA Z87N Wifi, Sierra Success?

    I am happy now, fresh installed working by following this guy on youtube. And he mentioned a post here as shown below. Lot of thanks to this community. Now I have sierra up and running, almost perfect...
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    [Solved] GA Z87N Wifi, Sierra Success?

    Thanks a lot, I will give it a try and reply back. Cheers
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    [Solved] GA Z87N Wifi, Sierra Success?

    Please allow me to prompt this thread to the top, still waiting for good suggestions. Thanks in advance.