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    Apple Updates MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac with Kaby Lake CPUs

    Since it looks like eGPU's will be a thing. You would think Apple would be making nVIDIA drivers as well for those that buy those cards. Worst case they use nVIDIA's I suppose. However native drivers always seem to perform a little better.
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    Can I upgrade 2500K to 3770K without reinstalling or loading new kexts etc? El Capitan and Sierra?

    I assume you modified AppleIntelSB and AppleIntelCapri kexts as well with your mixed setup you will need to undo that as well.
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    Any hopes for a HD4000?

    Just want to say thanks for this thread. Helped me find the original thread and got this scenario up and running!
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    Direct Update to macOS Sierra using Clover

    OK and I have a working Sierra install now as well. Not sure why my particular setup didn't work without caches but with caches it did and I am happy!
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    Direct Update to macOS Sierra using Clover

    I can confirm I was having the same wait busy kextd errors. I booted with the cache instead of without and now it booted just fine into the installer. Not sure what the difference is but so far its running we shall see if it finishes properly. This is on my skylake build not X99 just FYI.
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    ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 PCIe Expansion Card Spotted

    I assume Broadwell-E is not required to make this work as I don't see that listed anywhere. If so that is neat!
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    Thunderbolt 3 motherboards

    Correct screen sleep is fine just not full sleep.
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    Broadwell E is here

    My only temptation to swap my 5820k would be for TB3.
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    What price drop should we expect ?

    I would just pickup a used 980ti. They are going for about the price of a brand new 970, its nuts!
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    Physical build instructions?

    Everything is custom. However those models can still be setup to be fairly damn powerful, relatively cheaply. If you can snag it for free it may be worth grabbing it and ordering some parts.
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    Physical build instructions?

    i don't want to be rude or mean but if you don't know how to build a computer and/or google for that you are in for a WORLD of hurt trying to get this Hack working properly. Check out this playlist:
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    Testing Thread: Skylake Platform in OS X

    Alright audio is working great. It looks like Toleda is working on 100 series HDMI audio still if I am correct. But so far so good. My USB seems to work with the exception of some USB 2 ports on the rear of this board but the others are working. The internal USB2 headers seem to work because...
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    Testing Thread: Skylake Platform in OS X

    I am getting the same audio issues as well ioreg finds HDEF records though so I am not sure what is up and I have done the patch on update 2 as well with no luck. I also have some weirdness with RAM. It sees I have 16GB but says I have 3 sticks. 2 4GB and 1 8GB when I really only have 2 8GB...
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    Apple Releases iMacs with Skylake CPUs, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2

    Lack of TB3 seems really odd. However, seeing as there is no wild TB3 devices as of yet I guess it makes some sort of sense. Just wish they would have included it and not left out a generation of machine that is technically capable of it.
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    AMD/Nvidia HDMI Audio [Easy Guide]

    Still no luck. Attached again is my IOreg from this SSDT with a DP and HDMI displays connected. Also this is the AppleHDA.kext I am using as following your instructions from the el capitan setup causes kernel panics on boot when using the x99 plist patch, it also made no sound come out...