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    How to Fix iMessage

    Thank you for your message, so I hope, my daughter will buy a lot of music... ... or does somebody know, what we should be 'worth' for Mom Apple, that we are allowed to use iMessage?
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    How to Fix iMessage

    I still have some issues with iMessages, also after I did the 'Great Idiot's Guide': My own - older - AppleID works an real MacPro3,1 and Hackintosh MacPro3,1 (P35-DS4/Q9550) and daughters (H77N-WiFi/i7 3770) after calling Apple support a year ago. Also on iPad2 My daughters -new- AppleID...
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    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    Sorry - I'll move my issues to the 'How to Fix iMessage' - thread... einhrondg
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    bitdoctor's MiniMacPro Build: intel Core i7-3770 - Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI - HD 4000 - 16 GB - 256 GB

    Hello bitdoctor, thank you for your guide, which encouraged me, to try to set up the GA-H77N-WiFi. All works great! Best regards Herbert
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    Success: GA-H77N-WIFI / i7-3770 / Lion

    From GA-H77N-WIFI / i7-3770 8GB / SSD 256GB I build a MacMini following bitdoctor's MiniMacPro Build from this forum (Thanks a lot, also for the great guide). Some things I made another way: - Flashing the BIOS with some stuff from the Ozmosis project in a german forum - Install Lion 10.7...