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    roiuser's Haswell Build: HP z230 Workstation - E3-1245v3 - Quadro K600

    Hi, i'm currently building a system based on the same hardware and have only one issue left: sleeping. When entering sleep, the display goes black but the fans stay on. The entire system won't come back to a useful state anymore. Does sleep work for you, and if yes, which boot parameters are...
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    HP EliteBook 8570p HD4000 IGP Blank screen

    Hello, "IGPEnabler=Yes IGPlatformID=01660004" without anything else did the trick. Thanks, Egon
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    HP EliteBook 8570p HD4000 IGP Blank screen

    Hi, anyone had success with installing 10.9 on a HP EliteBook 8570p (Modell with HD4000 only). Tried a huge amount of different boot parameters without any success - the screen goes blank after booting (-v) at the moment the installer should come up. Tried: - GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=Yes...
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    UseSystemCaches=True Boot Problem

    Update: After debugging the kext loading process with kextlog=0xfff it seems that the problem occurs cause of the USB Kext being autounloaded during boot when booting with Kernel Caches. Any hints on how to turn off kext autounloading - or a explanation what can produce this behavior?
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    UseSystemCaches=True Boot Problem

    Hi, i'm currently trying to build a HP 8100 CMT based Hackintosh (i7 1st Gen, Radeon 6670) and have the problem that the system currently only has full functionality when booting with "UseKernelCaches=No". When booting with Kernel Caches, the most visible problem is that USB isn't working...
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    "Tuning" the Device Insertion Process

    Hi Koalaman, no specific reason - NTFS would be an option too but it's about "i would like to do it the hard way :-)" egrath
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    "Tuning" the Device Insertion Process

    Hi, can anyone tell me if it's possible to "tune" the actions performed when a removable Media is connected? I have the following situation: - Need to transfer large data files from A (Windows/Linux/OSX) to B (Windows/Linux/OSX) without a Network connection - I use a GPT Partitioned...
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    Sleep stopped working?

    Hi, does sleep work when you kill the smbd process? ("pmset -g assertions" should show nothing wich prevents sleep) egrath
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    Mavericks - AppleIntelE1000 hang after wakeup

    Hi, thanks for the hint but my rig needs darkwake=10 for sleep to work. egrath
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    Mavericks - AppleIntelE1000 hang after wakeup

    Hi, has anyone seen the following behaviour and probably also has a solution? - After Wakup from Sleep, no network connection and dmesg shows: AppleIntelE1000e(Err): Detected Hardware Unit Hang: - Problem can be fixed by manually un/loading the kext: kextunload...
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    i7 870 Mavericks vs ML performance

    Hi, not an actual advice on your problem but don't be afraid of screwing things up - you can always repair things with booting an USB Stick and opening a Terminal. In your case, simply back up the corresponding kexts to another location, copy the other version to /S/L/E and rebuild the caches...
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    Sleep not working at all with Mavericks installed

    Hi, if darkwake=0 does not work for you - there are other options for this too as stated in the following thread: In my case for example darkwake=10 made Sleep work again. egrath
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    Mavericks HP Compaq DC7900 SFF

    Hi, for the DC7900 there's a relatively good DSDT floating around which works extremely well with 10.8 but has a problem with 10.9 - no keyboard and mouse after it has been loaded almost every time. It turned out to be a issue with the HPET IRQs. To make things short, attached a DSDT which...
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    NullCPUPowerManagement explanation wanted

    Hello RehabMan, thanks for the clarification. I think i have to do a little more research in this case as the 10.8.4 installation i used was pretty vanilla (just FakeSMC and AppleIntelE1000) without a patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. I will keep this thread informed. egrath
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    Gigabyte Brix II will offer Iris Pro Graphics & Other Haswell chips

    Looks like a decent option. What i like most about it is the fact that it has it's Wireless card not soldered to the MoBo but instead uses a Mini-PCIe Card. You can simply replace it with a OOB supported one to get full WiFi capabilities. egrath