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    Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems

    Silly me for doing something from memory. I'll try it without any graphics options selected. I have disabled the serial port as suggested. Thank you v much!
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    Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems

    Hi all, Trying to boot on my setup using a USB stick prepared with Unibeast 6.1.1 for Clover UEFI, but I cannot get past the apple logo. I booted in Verbose mode and this is what I got: I noticed the 255 error and tried following the instructions: Got up to injecting Kexts as instructed...
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    Hackintosh only goes into sleep mode when using Apple Menu

    Could this be related to BIOS settings, e.g. XHCI Smart Auto, etc? Can't remember what it's on now, but I'll check tomorrow. Another problem I'm having is that it takes a long time for my keyboard to start working after waking. Consequently, the BT adapter, which is plugged into it, is also...
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    Hackintosh only goes into sleep mode when using Apple Menu

    I am having this same exact problem. When I first boot the OS the KB shortcut works fine. However, when I wake the computer and until I reboot, the shortcut no longer works and I have to use the Apple menu sleep option. The shortcuts for restart and shutdown also do not work. My Hack is now the...
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    Wake Issues - Yosemite 10.10.4

    My system sometimes will not wake from anything but the power button. I eventually realised this was if I had run another OS, e.g. Win partition. The only way to enable the keyboard again for wake was to switch the computer off at the wall and boot fresh. May not be related to your issue. I...
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    Do you know a Carbon Copy Cloner app similar for clone Windows partition? (dual boot hackintosh)

    From my attempts last year I think Aoemi Partitioner is the closest there is. They say they're going to start supporting this soon.
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    No Audio After Long Sleep, Z77-DS3H, 10.9.2, Multibeast 6.2.1.

    How did airplay get installed on there? Could you uninstall it? Mine has Soundflower installed, but thankfully the problem with re-selection does not affect me in Mavericks. I tried Yosemite (good God is it ugly!) and the solution to no sound there after using Multibeast was as you describe...
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    BT Mouse/USB Keyboard don't wake

    So... this has mysteriously fixed itself. First happened again when I was pressing the 'off' switch on my external HDD. I had already tried disconnecting all other USB devices bar keyboard, so goodness know why it's working... Now, if only the random 'no display' on wake would stop. :roll:
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    BT Mouse/USB Keyboard don't wake

    I have a bluetooth mouse and a USB apple keyboard. Neither can now be used to wake my Hackintosh. I can use the power button. This has just suddenly started happening – I haven't updated the OS (some apps via app store have been). I can use the keyboard and mouse fine after waking the computer...
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    Profiles Updated with Build Signatures, Recent Posts and more

    I don't see these options when I try to add a build signature – why?
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    [Guide] Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2

    Anyone here managed to have two bluetooth cards installed at the same time? For simplicity/to protect the slot on my mobo, I had planned to leave a card in there while running the GMYLE dongle. I figured I'd need to tell the OS which one to use, so found this guide...
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    Bluetooth not working in Mavericks GA-H87N-WiFi

    I think you'll probably find this is a waste of time, which is the conclusion I reached with my Z87N-WiFi. Sorry I don't have more time for a reply, but check out Toleda's thread for numerous options to replace the bluetooth/WiFi.
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    [Guide] Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2

    After my bungled attempt last week, is it possible to uninstall ToledaARPT and, if so, how? I'm not clear where on the system it is installed. Thanks!
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    [Guide] Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2

    I tend to agree. Problem is I own a bluetooth mouse and had to borrow a wired one!