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    Success - Sierra + Kaby Lake i7 7700k + ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 + G.Skill 32GB ddr4-2400 + GTX 980

    Darkwake=8 seems to work well for sleep for the time being, worst case I just disable sleep...
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    Success High Sierra 10.13.2: ASRock Z270 TAICHI, i7-7700k, GeForce GTX 1060

    This is great! Finally got my Fatality Z270 itx gaming AC working. I had the wrong BIOS settings all along...
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    [Solved] Windows driver for BCM94360CS2

    Awesome! everything works now on both mac and windows sides :)
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    Asrock Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac is compatible / working?

    The new Bios has broken my UEFI Boot menu, while using my GTX 1070, the boot menu is just the red background with nothing to click. I have to change the boot order and save+exit in the UEFI in order to change boot drive now, minor annoyance but still not too pleased.
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    Enabling 10-bit color?

    Not to get all Necro here but I'm having the same issue, ReXtreme only shows 10 bit up to 1080 but my display is 1440. It's a BenQ SW700 running on a GTX 1070
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    AsRock Z270 Gaming ITX/AC | i7 7700K | GTX 970 | macOS Sierra

    This is very helpful, Initially, I had some USB related issue so I ended up installing from clover on an internal SATA SSD (partitioned so the installer was less than 32 gb). Then I installed on the other partition of the same SATA SSD, after getting the NVME SSD working, I cloned the SATA SSD...
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    Kernel Panic on Startup - Yosemite Install

    I had this and it went away when I took out my GTX 770 and used the HD4000 graphics on the motherboard. Another tip may be to use only 1 stick of ram but try removing the graphics card first (you have to remove it from the PCI slot.)
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    USB mouse not working after upgrade to Yosemite

    I have the same issue, half of my USB 3.0 and all of my USB 2.0 ports are broken. And the ones that work change upon each reboot depending (or so it seems) on which has stuff plugged in... I'd really appreciate any help to resolve this.